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If you’re fortunate enough to have some space indoors to set up an indoor basketball court, home gym or all-purpose athletic area for yoga or pilates, then you’ve come to the right place. Neave Sports can help you build the perfect indoor court to suit your needs using a Flex Court surface that can maximize the space that you have available.

Surface Choices

For indoor courts, we offer a selection of indoor and outdoor tile options from  Flex Court. Their range of indoor tiles are perfect for a variety of sports and athletic activity areas such as basketball courts and home weight lifting areas. Click here to find out more about Flex Court’s indoor tiles! If your indoor space is very humid or sees a lot of water, such as in a garage, or a basement, you can use Flex Court’s outdoor tiles.

When speaking with your Neave expert, mention the sports you want and any other concerns you may have about the space, and your Expert will be able to help you pick the right surface for you.

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

An Indoor Volleyball court

More Than Just A Court

Outfitting your indoor courts with the proper accessories and safety equipment is a must. We have items like basketball hoop goal systems, indoor net systems for volleyball and badminton and safety measures such as wall padding to maximize the potential of your indoor court. We can even go as far as offering you scoreboards and bleacher systems! It’s our pleasure to serve as a one-stop-shop for your needs, and if you require any other type of accessory simply indicate it to your Neave Sports contractor!

Commercial Indoor Courts

Neave Sports also provides indoor courts for commercial use as well. We’ve installed indoor courts and athletic surfaces in golf complexes, recreation centers and public areas, such as schools and parks. Have your people call ours to discuss your ideas and needs, and we will be happy to help you serve your community better.

The indoor court of your dreams is just a phone call away! Contact us at Neave Sports to get started right now!

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