Neave Sports custom designs courts, fields and greens of any shape or size. Most of our athletic courts come in regulation sizes. Since every installation is tailored to suit your specific space and your preferences, the size of the athletic area depends on you and the space you have available!

The simple answer is “exactly where you want them”! Depending on the size of the court you are looking for, and your available space, we can give you exactly what you want and put it exactly where you’d like it. A Neave Sports contractor will visit your property and help you determine where your court can be best installed.

Flex Court produces a premium athletic tile that is meant to perform at a very high level, while offering reduced maintenance requirements. In fact, Flex Court athletic tiles are low maintenance. They are both fast-drying and self-draining to reduce the chances of standing water accumulating on the court. All that is usually needed to clean them is an occasional power-washing, or a quick sweep if there are scattered leaves. They are truly the lowest maintenance athletic court surface we carry.

Tour Greens golfing greens don’t require any maintenance other than proper sweeping. Real grass requires constant care in terms of mowing, trimming and watering it and it is also more susceptible to damage from weather and divots. Using a synthetic surface from Tour Greens reduces headaches with maintenance by virtually eliminating these requirements. The only headaches you’ll get are from your golf game!

Yes! We can resurface old courts with Nova Play Acrylic or Flex Court’s premium outdoor tiles. To find out more about our court resurfacing services click here.

Yes! Neave Sports carries a wide range of court fencing options including metal chain-link and nylon containment netting systems. The height of the fence, and its design, is completely up to you!

The only factors that control the installation of an athletic playing area are space, budget and city regulations. Your Neave Sports contractor will thoroughly research your local bylaws to ensure everything is done properly.

The type of surface depends on the user. Each surface has certain benefits compared to other surfaces. Click here to read about the different types of surfaces we carry at Neave Sports!

We merely listed the most popular uses of our athletic courts and fields. Many of our athletic courts can be customized for track and field, bocce, shuffleboard and many other different sports. Our Neave Sports staff takes great pride in servicing all types of customer requests. Simply call or email to find out if we can help you build the athletic court you’re looking for.

In most cases you do not, but your Neave Sports contractor will ensure that this is the case. If a permit is required in your area, we will do all the paper work for you so that construction can begin as soon as possible.

Yes! We have several lighting systems available. In most cases, a single 1,000-watt metal halide light is sufficient. If you require more lighting, then Neave Sports can certainly assist you. You will be able to discuss lighting during the design phase.

You can make any addition to your backyard that you’d like! We can install seating areas such as benches, rafters or patios so spectators are comfortable while you play. Neave Sports can also work with our sister division to build you extensions such as gazebos and water features to improve the aesthetic of your backyard space. The athletic area is just the start; we can refurbish your entire backyard just the way you want it!

Yes! Flex Court tiles can be used around pools and even in kennels. To find out more about your specific needs and how Flex Court can help, please contact us at Neave Sports and explain your situation.

Yes! Tour Greens comes in a wide variety of grades, ranging from longer to shorter. Many people have replaced their lawns with Tour Greens artificial turf since they require significantly less maintenance throughout the year. This is a very popular option in areas that suffer droughts. A Neave Sports contractor can visit you and offer you samples of the Tour Greens artificial turf so you can see just how beautiful this artificial turf is!