Transform Your Landscape With Residential Masonry

Patios, walls and stonework are the foundation of your outdoor living space. These landscape masonry features are the “bones” much like the floors, walls and beams of a home. The quality and integrity of landscape masonry is essential if you expect it to last. Neave’s Landscape Masonry division includes a personal project manager that oversees your plan from start to finish. Our experienced construction teams receive ongoing industry training to learn the latest techniques and they work in concert with our designers to assure that every project is functional, stunning and will stand the test of time.

Landscape Masonry Craftsmanship – Concierge Service

Neave Group Landscape Masonry brings decades of experiencing designing and building high-end patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and more. When you partner with us, we begin the process by sitting down to understand your goals.

How do you spend your time at home? Do you entertain large groups, gather with family, need a place to relax and get away from a busy day? For many of our clients, all of these are reasons to create the ideal getaway on your property. Masonry is the foundation, and our experienced trades craftsmen are specially trained to execute on even the most complex designs.

Because Neave Group Outdoor Solutions includes divisions specializing in every aspect of designing, building and maintaining your outdoor world, we bring scale and experience to your projects. A dedicated project manager oversees masonry work as part of the big picture of a complete landscape design that might include a pool, landscape beds, covered area, fire pit and more.

masonry stone walls at a Conneticut home

A Menu of Residential Masonry Projects

Explore the possibilities with Neave Group Landscape Masonry, from grand entrances to fire pits, freestanding walls and patios.

Residential patios

Your residential patio space is the hub of outdoor living, and Neave Masonry offers a range of surface options and endless design opportunities. If you can dream it we can do it.

Fire pits

A built-in fireplace makes an outdoor living space feel like home, and backyard fire pits provide a place to gather. Neave Masonry’s provides custom-designed fire features that withstand the elements and make a statement.

Outdoor kitchens

From customized barbecue pits to full-service outdoor kitchens, Neave Group Landscape Masonry offers options ranging from precast concrete units to natural stone veneers, along with countertops built from blue stone, decorative concrete or marble.

Access ways

Welcome guests to your home while improving the usability of your outdoor space. We design and build custom walkways that weave through your lawn, elegant driveways that stand out in your neighborhood, and passages that connect outdoor living spaces.


Define garden, lawn, driveway and landscape spaces with curbing that doubles as an aesthetic detail while reducing debris, dirt and runoff.

Driveways and parking areas

Driveways and parking areas should be functional and attractive – they can really set your property apart. We offer a range of textures, colors, surfaces that handle a range of load-bearing capacities, and permeable finishes that filter runoff.


Make a memorable first impression with a masonry entrance that is enhanced with features like arches, gates, fences, water features and more.

Freestanding walls

Elevate your home value, increase security and gain privacy with freestanding masonry walls in a range of heights and designs.

Retaining walls

Capitalize on slopes by creating landscape beds built into retaining walls. Restrain soil to prevent erosion. A range of materials, including century-old stonework used on country farms, concrete, pavers, bricks and other naturally harvested materials are functional and elegant.

Steps and landings

There’s a science and art to designing steps and landings that are safe, useful and match your property’s architecture.

Walkways and paths

Connect the dots on your property with meandering walkways, secret garden passages and practical paths. Connect a pool to a gazebo, a patio to a fire pit gathering space – the options are endless.

Residential walkway after masonry contruction in New York

Dream & Do with Neave Masonry

Your home is a retreat and Neave Group Outdoor Solutions has decades of experience, attentive service and personalized approach to deliver exceptional results. Neave Lawn Care serves customers in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. In Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Contact (914) 271-7996 in Westchester, NY, and (203) 212-4800 in Stamford, CT. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.