Aquatic Landscape Design & Installation Services

Water features add a calming aesthetic to your landscape, and residential water fountains add a dynamic wow factor that captures attention. Whether your goal is to create a babbling waterfall that pours over a natural rock outcropping or a focal point for a front entryway, Neave Professional Aquatic Services can handle the project from design to delivery.

Residential Water Features that Make a Statement

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Water features enhance a pool area and add ambiance to a patio space. The experienced aquatic professionals team at Neave Group constructs landscape water features that complement existing architecture and landscaping. You’ve seen DIY water features that fall short. Neave Aquatics creates custom designs using high-quality materials, installed by experienced craftspeople who understand the intricacies of this work, from plumbing to hardscaping. We construct water features that bring your vision alive so you can make the most of your time outdoors at home.

Just Add Water

Beyond residential waterfalls and fountains, Neave Aquatics designs and installs fish and koi ponds, rain gardens that capture runoff, streams and waterfalls. Additionally, Neave Pools is a full-service pool and spa design/build division that specializes in constructing luxury outdoor swimming pools in New York and Connecticut.

Just add water to bring your property alive. Here are some ways the aquatic professionals at Neave Group accomplish this with award-winning results.

Backyard Fish Ponds

Neave Aquatics designs, installs and maintains customized fish ponds, along with helping you select the perfect fish that will thrive in your backyard environment.

Backyard Water Fountains

Aquatic gardens

Explore the wide range of residential water fountain designs available, from outdoor water features to floating fountains that appear to rest on the surface of a larger pond or reservoir. Disappearing fountains with recirculating water technology make it look as if the water vanishes over the sides. The Neave Aquatics team will tailor a fountain feature for your residential or commercial property.

Outdoor Koi Ponds

Aquatic landscape design

Neave Aquatics designs custom koi ponds while creating a sustainable, healthy environment for water life.

Residential Ponds

Backyard ponds add a peaceful focal point to the landscape, and Neave Aquatics can custom-design your pond to include a range of outdoor masonry, stonework, plant life, pond lighting and other features.

Aquatic design

Rain Gardens

Aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly, rain gardens provide a sustainable drainage solution that filters runoff and can improve overall water quality on your property.

Water Streams

Add a touch of serenity to your outdoor living space with a tranquil stream. Neave Aquatics designs natural streams that blend with the surroundings and modern backyard streams that complement clean-lined architecture.

Backyard Water Gardens

Water gardens can house plant life like lotuses, irises and water lilies. Neave Aquatics designs and installs natural water gardens that suit your property’s surroundings.

Outdoor Waterfalls

Aquatic waterfalls

From cascading, tiered waterfalls to epic drops, Neave Aquatics designs and constructs a variety of residential waterfalls to suit all kinds of properties.