When you want a beautiful lawn with curb appeal that shows you pay attention to details and care about your property, call on Neave Group for year-round residential lawn maintenance. Our lawn care services are a division of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, a family-owned and operated business since 1973 that provides a complete menu of landscape design, build and maintenance services. That includes building the outdoor kitchen and patio of your dreams to the luxury pool and spa with all the extras. We cater to clients who appreciate quality, want their properties to make a stunning first impression, and value concierge service and a dedicated account executive who knows their property inside and out.

Professional Lawn Care Service – A Full-Service, Holistic Approach

When you work with Neave Group, we perform an initial site inspection to analyze your property’s soil, topography, sun and shade, and existing weed, disease or insect problems. A soil sample is essential for customizing a lawn care program that addresses your property’s specific needs.

We think of it this way: Your property is its own ecosystem with variables that are unique like areas where water collects, sunny spots that dry out, and weather patterns that affect the site. We examine your grounds carefully to get a complete picture. This allows you to pay for only the lawn care services you need as opposed to being forced into a cookie-cutter program that will not produce the outcomes you expect and deserve.

Experienced Lawn Care Pros – Customized Service

A landscaping company helps maintain your lawn with weekly mowing

Lawn care is a specialty and a science. It calls for trained, certified technicians with field experience and horticultural knowledge so they can accurately assess and identify lawn weeds, disease and pests. Neave Group technicians receive ongoing industry training, along with continuing education we deliver in-house to assure quality, safety and results for you. During our lawn assessment, we’ll determine what services will bring your yard from nice to exceptional. Aside from your customized lawn care program, we offer the following services:

Lawn analysis

The lawn analysis will include analyzing the health and condition of all outdoor plant life on your property. This will include the grass, soil, planters, shrubs, trees and any other plants. You’ll also have the time to illuminate any concerns you may have, and you can ask as many questions as you’d like.


Our technicians thoroughly inspect your entire yard and prepare it prior to overseeding so you can expect nothing but even, healthy growth. We’ll carefully examine your lawn, replacing topsoil where it is required. Overseeding a lawn protects it from weeds. A thick, luscious lawn with deep roots pushes out weeds.

Lawn aeration

Over time soil and the underlying thatch of your lawn can become compacted, which affects your lawn’s ability to thrive. Without proper lawn aeration, lawns will have trouble growing and delivering the water and nutrients required for proper growth. Neave Group has the tools and experience to complete what would be a labor-intensive job in an efficient, effective way that will ultimately reduce your landscaping service expenses.

Insect and pest control

Preserve the investment you make in a lush lawn and healthy trees, shrubs and plants. Insects and other pests can wipe out healthy turf and more. A proactive lawn care program that incorporates insect and pest control will prevent this.

Weed control

Proper weed identification requires expertise, otherwise you’ll waste money on a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s not the way we do it at Neave Group. Because we have eyes on your property year-round, we can anticipate and prevent weed pressure, while also dealing with weeds that encroach on your property.

Perimeter treatments

Pest control perimeter treatments can keep insects out so you can enjoy time in your outdoor living space.

Tree and plant health care

Neave Group employs a team of highly skilled, talented and devoted arborists that specialize in plant health care. We are committed to monitoring the health of your trees by using preventive treatments.

Specialized lawn services

We are flexible, and we understand that sometimes you need a specialized lawn service to deal with a specific problem. Ask us about adding a la carte insect and pest control, even protection (to keep bugs and critters away), and site soil analysis – which is always a wise plan before planting or seeding.

Tree and Shrub Care – Protect Your Investment

A women uses a pitchfork to dig. She is getting started with the mulching process for her lawn

Maintaining trees and shrubs is a critical part of protecting the investment you make in your landscape. Avoid costly replacements with a tailored tree and shrub care program through Neave Group that will prevent disease and pests. Because our experienced technicians are on your property regularly, we can proactively identify problems before they cause damage to plants. Lawn pest control includes services to remove bugs, beetles and infestations.

Additionally, pruning for plant health and aesthetics will increase the longevity of trees and shrubs. Regular pruning for shrubs keeps them neat, clean and attractive. Hard pruning to cut back diseased, dying or dead limbs preserves the rest of the tree so it will continue thriving. Our tree experts can assess what care program is essential to keep your trees and shrubs healthy for the long-term, while considering your budget and goals.

Plant Health Care (PHC) programs include:

  • Site assessment and monitoring visits
  • Fertilization
  • Disease control
  • Pest control
  • Pruning
  • Plant replacement

Tick and Mosquito Control

Spend long summer nights in your outdoor living space without bug spray. Neave Group’s mosquito control keeps pests at bay so you can enjoy the outdoors. Add tick and mosquito services to protect pets and humans, since they can carry harmful diseases. A treatment applied two to three times a year provides peace of mind.

How Can We Help?

Contact us today to schedule a free site analysis with one of our experienced lawn care experts and discover the Neave Group difference – attentive service, customized lawn care programs and exceptional results. Neave Group serves residential customers in New York and Connecticut. In Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Contact (914) 271-7996 in Westchester, NY and (203) 212-4800 in Stamford, CT.