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Dare to Dream: Let Us Develop Your Reality

Your home is the hub of your family life. Every day you are creating the memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.  Do you look at your landscape and dream of comfortable outdoor spaces that everyone will enjoy using? Do you dream of arriving home and seeing a beautiful landscape planting?

Everyone wants to have an outdoor space that welcomes family and friends while simultaneously placing your home on the list of favorite destinations people look forward to going to. At Neave Landscaping, we know that these spaces can change your lifestyle. Not everyone has the ability to imagine, visualize and conceptualize the possibilities available for exciting outdoor living spaces, let alone turn them into reality.

At Neave Landscaping, our staff of Designers are professionally trained with Degrees in Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, and Landscape Design. These Designers have spent years being trained to evaluate your property with an eye toward creating a unique, custom designed landscape program that will turn your dreams into imaginative and creative solutions.

These improvements will not only improve the look of your property, but will also compliment and blend with the Architecture of your home. They can also suggest water features and garden art that makes your landscape a truly one of a kind space. Well designed improvements may also increase the value of your property.

Our design process begins with a consultation. Our Designers will ask a series of questions to develop a thorough understanding of your wants and needs. The resulting plans can range from a simple redesign of a walkway or foundation planting around your home to the development a full landscape master plan for your entire property. We can renovate and improve your current landscape or create a completely new environment.

If you have dreams of a spectacular home that feels out of reach – we can help. We can develop the landscape master plan and create a long-term phasing of the project and budget. Using a master plan allows you to reach your dream one step at a time.

A landscape design project with no ultimate vision can often result in disappointment. A plan designed and implemented by our staff of professionals will result in a finished product that extends the comfort of your home into the great outdoors.

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Landscapes On A Budget

Have you ever thumbed through a magazine, looking wistfully at the beautifully landscaped homes, and thought to yourself, I want that?  Have you wondered how you could have this kind of landscape while still saving for your children’s education, paying for your family healthcare, and saving for emergencies?  At Neave Landscaping we work with our clients to meet the goal of having a beautiful and exciting landscape while dealing with economic realities.


Landscape construction and renovations are major construction processes comparable to other construction projects in your home.

These costs need not be overwhelming when you develop a good plan for the accomplishment of long-term goals. Proper long-term planning is the solution. We suggest following some simple guidelines:

  1. Meet with a professional designer and assess your landscape needs and wishes.
  2. Create a comprehensive hardscape and landscape design that creates a landscape that fulfills all of your wants for your property: patios, walkways, walls, driveways, planting, trellis and pergolas, water features, irrigation, lighting, etc.
  3. Determine a budget for each individual phase of the landscape design.
  4. Create a long-term plan for implementation of each phase and prioritize your primary concerns.
  5. Create a yearly budget that allows you to complete your landscape in manageable stages.
  6. Begin with the installation of your highest priorities and enjoy!

At Neave Landscaping we have qualified Designers on staff to guide you through the entire design and planning stages. During this crucial stage in the development of your future landscape, our knowledgeable staff will advise you of future maintenance requirements and possible costs associated with your new investment. While placing and choosing plant material to incorporate into your design our designers will always have your best interest in mind. We will not develop a maintenance intensive design if you are looking for low annual maintenance. Our construction and installation crews work closely with our designers to ensure that we deliver a beautiful landscape for your family to enjoy for years to come.  We look forward to helping you develop your ideal outdoor space.

Landscape Master Plan

By definition, a Master Plan is an all-encompassing design of your property. A Landscape Master Plan is the road map to your ideal outdoor space, created jointly between you and your designer.

landscape design

This process begins with an on-site meeting. During this meeting, the designer will develop a site analysis to include all pertinent information that is necessary for the initiation of a design. Some of the necessary information includes property lines, acreage, geographic location of structures, elevation/grade change, soil type, current water movement/drainage, exposure directions, surrounding plant material, etc. This meeting also includes the development of the client wish list. Your designer will help you to ascertain all of the items that should be incorporated into the future design. At this point, you and your designer will also discuss your budget, predetermined material choices and the desired time frame for total project completion.

Next comes the fun part. In between meetings your designer will conceptualize a plan for your outdoor living space. During the second meeting, your designer will furnish the Master Plan with specialty 3D renderings (if needed), and approximate budget for you to review. Together at this time, you will analyze the chosen circulation layouts, color schemes, plant and construction materials, irrigation possibilities, additional fixtures including lighting/cooking/heating, etc.

Prior to the third meeting, your designer will finalize all project drawings to incorporate all of the necessary details from the second meeting. Simultaneously developing the final price proposal to be signed for project initiation.

Upon signing of the contract for construction your project will be scheduled for commencement.



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Neave Group, who we hired to install a swimming pool, has been nothing short of amazing. The project as a whole ran smoothly from start to finish and was done with excellent workmanship and attention to details. The timeframe in which the project was executed was much better than expected without any sacrifice in quality. In the end, Neave Group put our yard as a whole back together as well. From a new patio, landscape lighting to plantings/landscaping, and the installation of a fire pit. Nothin…
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