If you are looking for a new outdoor court, Neave Sports is the company to call. We build a wide range of athletic courts, and tackle projects of any size; from small backyard basketball half-courts to large multi-court tennis court projects. If you already have a court and need to have it resurfaced, Neave Sports can help with our court resurfacing and court repair services.

Hudson Valley Tennis CourtWhile tennis courts, and basketball courts are among the most common types we get asked for, we also build a number of other outdoor courts such as pickleball courts, badminton courts, paddle tennis courts, bocce courts, volleyball courts and just about any other court type you can imagine. We also build multi-game courts allowing you to play a variety of sports on your new outdoor court.

In addition to the court surface, Neave Sports also carries a range of high-quality accessories to complete your court. We have basketball hoops, court lighting, nets for a variety of sports such as tennis, badminton and volleyball, and ball containment options.

basketball-court2Since we are a division of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, we can offer you more than just a court. Our professional landscape design team can make your outdoor court just one feature of your outdoor retreat. We design and build everything from gardens and walkways to pools and patios. We can also build shade structures and seating options so you can relax between games, or simply watch the game.

Once the construction of your new court has been completed, you can keep it in top form with our court maintenance services, that can extend into a complete landscape management package.

Our satisfied customers include homeowners, municipalities, parks and recreational facilities managers, and tennis club owners. To get more information about our court building services, or to get a quote on a new outdoor court, contact Neave Sports today.

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