Neave Storm Water – Your Drainage Specialists

Improper drainage can lead to property damage, exterior and interior flooding, plant life destruction and any other number of problems. Believe it or not, bad draining can also cause infestation problems since moist or wet areas can provide habitats for little critters. Don’t let this happen to you! We serve as both a preemptive measure and a reactionary service. Our inspectors can survey your property, point out key danger zones and work with you to resolve them quickly and efficiently. By being proactive about your drainage issues, you can help alleviate major repair costs, insurance headaches and stress by ensuring that your property functions properly during heavy stormwater instances. Sustainability is one that Neave Storm Water proudly supports and we offer many eco-friendly services that will benefit you a great deal. We specialize in rain water harvesting systems, infiltration systems, rain gardens and other storm Water management systems, and can help you reap the benefits of rain water in your area. Most green services can help reduce flooding while allowing you to utilize water off the grid, meaning you don’t have to pay for water all the time. Eco-friendly drainage solutions are a great way to ensure that you’re doing your part for the mother nature while protecting your investment at the same time. Contact us today to find out more about our drainage solutions, how to protect your property from storm water or to inquire about our green services. A Neave Storm Water representative will be happy to assist you and get you moving towards a dryer, safer state of mind.