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Specializing in all aspects of designing, building, and maintaining your outdoor world to provide you with a single point of contact and the experience required to deliver a superior result.

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Start planning your new luxury pool project now!

Place your custom swimming pool construction in the trusted hands of Neave Pools, a professional and experienced swimming pool service that can offer you more than any other builder. We provide innovative, holistic design visions for your backyard pool and will integrate it seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Neave Pools also offers you exceptional value and clear communication to ensure your swimming pool design turns out perfectly.

Get the landscape design of your dreams

It’s important for your home to make the right first impression. More importantly, you should spend your time enjoying your exquisitely landscaped property, not chasing around a host of contractors, designers, and craftsmen in order to make your dream a reality. For more than 40 years, Neave Landscaping has been creating eye-catching landscapes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – from the practical and functional, to the serene, to the over-the-top gorgeous.

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Year-round residential property maintenance

Our holistic approach to year-round residential lawn maintenance means that we consider each and every factor that could affect your own, unique circumstances. We’ve combined over forty years of experience with the highest level of training you can receive in the industry to ensure that we offer the most prepared lawn care professionals in your area. Neave Lawn Care providers offer residential property maintenance and commercial property maintenance services.

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Award-winning holiday decorating designs

Our 47-year service commitment to our clients building long-lasting relationships is only a large part of what creates a successful decorating company. Our partnerships with the best manufacturers in the holiday decorating industry allow us to deliver and amaze our clients year after year! Our year-round talented design team is constantly working to keep up with this fast-paced industry incorporating all the new and exciting happenings in the lighting and decorating business and bringing them to our clients.

Additional Specialties

Our unmatched level of customer service brought on the demand from our clients for more property services and other locations including Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT.   As more and more services like irrigation, turf health care, plant health care, holiday décor, snow management and pools were made available we felt like our “landscape” name didn’t describe what we really do. The Neave Group – Outdoor Solutions umbrella was developed in 2011.

Today our business is under the direction of President Scott Neave with Scott’s friend since childhood, Mark Ciccarelli, as partner and VP of Operations. Bill and Kathy Neave are both still active within the company as account managers. Assisting Scott and Mark in the day to day operation of Neave Group is a staff of highly trained, dedicated, and experienced pool and landscape professionals.

Get Financing for Your Project

Dreaming about a new project but need some additional funds to make your dream a reality?

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Our Service Areas

We service residential, commercial, and institutional clients in the Hudson Valley area of New York, southwestern Connecticut and northeastern New Jersey (commercial only)


An educated workforce drives our mission.

Staff Training and Credentials

As a company, we have developed a comprehensive training program that employees on all levels take part in regularly. We firmly believe that you should never become complacent and you can never lose your thirst for knowledge. These two ideals led us to develop our training programs. The direct benefits passed on to our clients translate into superior products and services across the board. Here at Neave we strive to perform at the highest level, everyday. Our field level training program is implemented daily with consistent on-site training regarding “The Neave Way”.

Continuing education doesn’t stop with our field level employees; it is a company wide initiative. Here at Neave we pride ourselves on being experts in every facet of the industry we are involved with. In order to provide our customers with this expert level of service we pro-actively plan our education schedule to encompass material covering all of our available products and services. Top down learning is a company motto, if our management and middle management staff aren’t knowledgeable on all information, how can we guarantee superior quality? All levels within our management structure partake in our training programs annually. Some of the continuing education programs our associates partake in throughout the year include reviewing and updating information regarding Plant Disease/Pest Management, Turf Grass Management, Irrigation, Construction, Integrated Computer Software, Best Business Practices, etc. Staying on the cutting edge of all industry information and available resources guarantees the Neave Group will provide all of its customers with unmatchable customer value.