Neave Turf Health Care’s Lawn program is designed to maintain optimum turf grass vigor and color throughout the growing season. If Mother Nature does not provide enough moisture (rainfall), you will need to water your lawn. We recommend an automatic irrigation system. Visit Neave Irrigation for more information.

If you cannot water your lawn due to its size, a water shortage, or for other reasons, will the treatment still be effective? Yes, however, your lawn may go dormant or lose some of its color during the hot, dry weather. As soon as we receive the early Fall season rains, your lawn will begin to green up within a few days.

No lawn service can promise this. As lawns thin due to summer dryness, excessive wear from play, or improper mowing, weeds may germinate and begin to grow. Your lawn is checked for weeds during each of our technicians’ visits. If weeds are present, they will be treated. If at any time you feel the treatments are not effectively managing the weeds, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to inspect and/or re-apply material as required.

Our modern spray equipment allows us to make applications to your lawn quickly and effectively. The savings in labor are passed on to you, our customer. The average lawn in your area can be covered in about 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of obstacles in the lawn such as flower beds, sidewalks, and trees.

No problem. Occasionally this does happen. Sometimes you’ll even see us making applications in the rain. Rain allows for excellent penetration of fertilizers, pre-emergence weed control and insect control. If you notice in two weeks that your weed control is not sufficient, a call to our office is all that is needed. We will make a no-charge spot application to your lawn.

No! Neave Turf Health Care uses only the safest of materials. Most of the chemicals used on your lawn are currently being used in vegetable and crop production. All of these materials are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use on turf, and are used in strict accordance with the label. There is no danger to person or pet. We do suggest that you stay off the lawn for about an hour after the lawn application, or until the material has dried.

Call us. That is why we’re here — to help you. If we can’t answer your questions over the phone then we will schedule a visit when you are home to answer your questions in person.

Mow your lawn to a height of two (2) inches on a regular basis. Be sure the mower blades are sharp. After each application, unless we have had a heavy rainfall or you have watered your lawn several times, clippings should not be removed on the first mowing, so the nutrients or other materials are not discarded.

No lawn care service can promise this, but we will give 110% to make sure you do. The quality of your lawn depends on many things beyond our control, namely the type of grass presently in your lawn, soil conditions, how you treat (or don’t treat) your lawn, and how you follow our instructions. So you see, this is a joint venture. Together, we can produce a great lawn – separately, we can’t.

There is no stock answer. Some lawns respond faster than others. The average lawn requires 2 or 3 applications, depending on the season when you started your program. However, you may see a marked improvement after the first application. It really depends on the condition of your lawn when we start, the time of year and weather conditions.

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