The field of your dreams is just a simple phone call away. Neave Sports offers an array of athletic fields for different needs. We can service small residential installations, and major commercial projects with the highest quality of professional care. Our trained staff is ready to handle any job your imagination can think of! Stadium Neave Sports can help you design and build the following athletic fields from real grass or synthetic turf:

  • Soccer fields
  • Rugby pitch
  • Football fields
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Lacrosse fields
  • Field Hockey fields
  • Multi-sport fields
  • Outdoor athletic training areas

With Neave Sports, we like to believe you’re not just building an athletic field, but a relationship with us as well, and the installation service is just the beginning. We provide maintenance and repair services that can keep your athletic field in the best shape possible so that they perform the way they’re intended to. Being in both the sports surface and the landscaping business we have a distinct advantage over our competitors. Not only do we understand grass, and the best ways of keeping it looking great, we also understand and can solve many issues that can affect athletic surfaces. No matter how big or small your project is, Neave Sports literally has your game covered.

Go Big With Turf Fields

soccerIf you’re looking for a larger area to play soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse or any other sport and don’t want to subject yourself to the rigors of maintaining a grass field then Neave Sports has the perfect solution. Turf fields have much better durability ratings, are low in maintenance by comparison and can have pre-painted game lines on them as well! Since turf fields are artificial, the playing surface offers constant performance in all sorts of climates, including rain and frigid temperatures. Contact us today to find out whether turf fields are a better option for the type of surface that you’re looking for. Our team of professional installers can do large projects for commercial owners, or smaller fields for those looking for a year-round playing surface in their backyard! The choice is yours, all you have to do is call and get the ball rolling.

Keep Things Natural

Of course if what you’re looking for is a proper grass field, Neave Sports is the right choice as well. We’ve been in the landscaping business for decades and know a thing or two about keeping grass in the best condition possible for what you need. If you’re interested in having a pristine grass field in your backyard or on your commercial property, then Neave Atheltics can absolutely get the job done. Contact us today and ask about turning your outdoor space in to a luscious natural grass field that’s perfect for the sport of your choosing. We also offer the best in maintenance services for natural grass fields as well!

Athletic Field Irrigation

One of the biggest challenges facing owners with real grass, is keeping that grass green. Neave Sports can help keep that grass looking great with complete athletic field irrigation. Making sure that the field is properly watered is the first step in athletic field maintenance. Click here to find out more about our irrigation services for athletic fields!

Neave Sports Has Your Game!

There are no limits to what we can offer. Whether it’s a large indoor golf dome that needs turf for the driving range, a collection of natural or turf fields for outdoor activity or a personal backyard sports haven, we can provide you what you’re looking for. Our personal Neave Sports contractors and designers can ensure that you get the perfect playing surface for whatever sport you wish to play. Contact us today to inquire about our athletic fields!