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5 Reasons to Hire A Lawn Aerator in New York

A finely mowed lawn around a residential property You love your beautiful lawn. You mow, do fertilization, and lay down seeding. You lounge on your green lawn, happily, with a cool drink and a good book.

When’s the last time you aerated that lovely lawn of yours?

Never? Don’t worry. We’re not here to judge.  Truth is, DIY lawn aeration is kind of a pain. It’s one of those things worth hiring a professional lawn care company to do.

First, A Bit About Lawn Aeration

Lawn aerators can help open up space out of compacted soil Over time, soil and the underlying thatch of your lawn can create compaction, which can seriously affect the health of your lawn.

When there’s soil compaction, the soil can’t breathe. That means the roots of your grass won’t be able to absorb nutrients or water from the soil. So slowly, over time, it dies.

Aeration perforates the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more healthy lawn. It’s often followed by overseeding.

Lawn aeration will improve the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients through the soil. It also encourages grass to grow roots deeper into the ground. That makes them tougher, more able to last through the winter and survive abrupt climate changes like storms and droughts.

Bottom line: A properly aerated lawn means a noticeably healthier and stronger turf.

Why Hire A Lawn Aeration Service Pro?

Sure, you could rent a core aerator and tackle the chore yourself. But there are advantages to hiring a professional.

Here are five reasons to consider it.

The Machine Is Cumbersome

These things are heavy. Do you really want to boost the cost by adding on a visit to your chiropractor?

It’s A Better Investment

You’re still spending money on lawn aerator rental — why not put it toward a professional job?

It can cost about $80 a day to rent a lawn aerator. You have to drive to the nearest rental center, load it into your vehicle, hoist it back out and lug it around your yard. And yes, you paid for this fun.

Or, you could cut your renting equipment losses and make a phone call to a pro.

Professionals Know The Best Time To Aerate

Hire a lawn aerator contractor in early spring Figuring out when to aerate a lawn can be tricky. It depends on a lot of different factors, including type of grass and type of soil. Cool season grasses have different needs than warm season grasses. Clay soil needs lawn aeration more often than sandy soil.

Some say a lawn needs to be aerated no more than once every two to three years. Others believe aeration should be an annual task. Some swear by fall aeration, others say spring is best. Cool season grass lawn aeration is best done in fall while warm season grass is in early summer.

You should avoid lawn aeration when the soil is too wet or too dry. You should also avoid it if you have weed problems — it will just make it easier for the pesky things to take hold.

Confusing? Not for professionals like the ones at Neave Lawn Care. We know all about these things.

Professionals Know Extra Tricks

The pros will do things you might not think of — like whether to use walk behind or tow behind aerators, or ask about the location of any underground sprinklers, then marking them with small flags to avoid any expensive damage.

They know, for instance, to aerate when your lawn is moist to make the process faster and simpler. Or that heavily compacted soils need more than one pass with the aerator for best results.

You Have Better Things To Do Than Aerating

Wouldn’t you rather be having a beer on the patio?

Right. We thought so.

Neave Lawn Care can regularly examine your soil to see whether a lawn aeration service is needed. We have the best tools, and professional residential landscaping staff that know how to do the job right.

Neave Lawn Care landscapers take the time to analyze and inspect your soil quality each time they visit, so they know when it’s time to aerate your lawn.

Lawn aeration can be a laborious task, especially if you have a large property. We’ve got the professional staff and cutting-edge aeration tools to handle any job!

Lawn Care Professional Team in New York and Connecticut

Hiring a lawn aerator professional in NY and CT It is our landscapers‘ pleasure to provide our clients with the highest-rated lawn care services in New York and Connecticut. So whether you need to hire a lawn aerator, weed control services, overseeding and others, Neave Group is the landscaping team to call.

If you’re a homeowner in the Hudson Valley, call us at 845-463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call 914-271-7996; from Connecticut, dial 203-212-4800. Or, fill out our contact form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation for pricing.

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FREE Landscape Care & Maintenance Guide

Download our FREE guide for a more beautiful, healthier landscape in no time!

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