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Burnt orange pergola next to pool with waterfallShould you spend the money for a pool cleaning service or buy the chemicals and do it yourself? Many property owners think they can simply buy the materials, stock up on a few tools to vacuum and skim their swimming pools, then save the expense of a pool professional. And, some pool contractors sell chlorine and other products like pH testing kits, which makes it seem like you should be able to take care of a pool and get the same results.

But before you jump to that conclusion, we want to help you understand how a pool service actually saves you money in the long-run. Unfortunately, homeowners who make the mistake of doing their own pool maintenance often find this out the hard way.

What Happens During a Pool Maintenance Visit?

First, let’s address “pool cleaning” and what services a pool maintenance professional provides during a typical visit—because it’s much more than cleaning. While a certified pool technician certainly does clean your pool and clean and/or change filters,  each visit is also like a preventive checkup with a doctor. It includes inspecting the equipment, ensuring that drain covers are in place for safety, and identifying issues like water discoloration. These inspections are crucial for addressing simple maintenance issues before they become costly repairs. If you do your own pool service, you likely will not pick up on mechanical concerns or chemical imbalances until “point break” when you have to fix the problem.

Saving on Pool Chemicals

You might think that buying your own pool chemicals at a box store or from a pool supplier would save money vs. hiring a pool maintenance professional. But actually, we find that many people who decide to “treat” their pools end up wasting chemicals or not putting in enough of the right chemistry, which results in them later having to hire a pro to bring pool water back in balance. Not to mention, there’s proper chemical storage (and space). A professional pool maintenance provider like Neave Pools takes the proper steps to check the water pH and to use exact amounts of chemicals based on the reading. You could end up buying chemicals your water doesn’t really need.

DIY Pool Cleaning 

To properly clean your pool, you should have a vacuum that’s specially designed to suction debris and buildup from the pool foundation. Also, tile deserves special attention, otherwise you’ll deal with the labor-intensive job of removing calcium deposits. Can you save money by cleaning your own pool? Maybe. But how much spare time do you have? A professional pool maintenance team will efficiently, thoroughly clean your pool in less time than you’ll spend to do a less detailed job.

Changing Your Own Pool Filter Cartridge

Certainly, you can purchase replacement filter cartridges and do the job yourself. But that means you are investing in the materials, spending your time and possibly risking an upset during the process that could damage other pool mechanisms. There is also a safety aspect of dealing with any equipment. When you hire a pool maintenance company, their technicians bring necessary replacement filters and other supplies to your property, so you’re not buying them yourself. And again, while a pool pro is changing the filter, he or she might pick up on another maintenance point to address that will improve the longevity of equipment.

The Bottom Line

While some property owners might be completely equipped with the knowledge, resources, and access to materials and equipment to properly maintain their own pools—most homeowners are not prepared for the time, money and headaches that can be involved. And the whole point of a pool is to enjoy it! That’s why Neave Pools takes the maintenance burden away with certified, experienced technicians who make sure you get a return-on-investment.

Let’s talk more about how pool maintenance is a key preventive measure for making the most of your luxury swimming pool.

Contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester, and 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out this contact form and one of our pros will get in touch with you so you can get the pool of your dreams this summer.

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