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Pool with CabanaFor centuries, health enthusiasts and tourists alike have been flocking to the Dead Sea, the lowest, saltiest point on Earth. Beach-goers love floating right on top of the pool water effortlessly. Patients with psoriasis enjoy sunbathing therapy with fewer harmful UV rays.

Heck, even in biblical days it was a real hot spot. King David sought refuge there, and King Herod the Great created the first health resort there.

And now you can essentially bring the Dead Sea right into your backyard. Well, sort of.

How Does a Swimming Pool Saltwater System Work?

A saltwater system is bursting in popularity with homeowners, but of course, it is actually nothing like having the Dead Sea just outside your back door — or any natural body of saltwater.

The ocean has a salt content of 35,000 parts per million (ppm), where a salt system contains less than 3,500 ppm of salt. Still, that salt content allows for a much lower concentration of chlorine, as well as a lower-maintenance pool overall.

The technology behind a salt water pool system is amazing! Instead of homeowners manually adding chlorine to the swimming pool, a generator in the pool uses a process called electrolysis to break down the salt chlorination in the water into sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid, the same chemicals used in traditional chlorine pools.

Bottom line: Instead of adding chlorine to your pool, a salt water chlorinator actually creates the necessary water chemistry itself but in lower quantities.

How does a Pool Salt System Benefit You?

In addition to the cool science behind this pool system, it can also offer plenty of benefits to homeowners. Here are the salt water pool benefits and a few reasons why you should invest:

 #1: Easier enjoyment

No, you won’t automatically float in your saltwater swimming pool. You won’t find your psoriasis or osteoarthritis cured. But you will find a salt water pool system more gentle on your eyes and less drying to your skin. The water has a silkier feel, too.

(Of course, an inground pool with a saltwater chlorine generator also carries the same benefits as a traditional chlorinated pool, including a low-impact, therapeutic workout!)

With a salt chlorine generator, you’ll never have to handle concentrated chlorine yourself, which eliminates the health risks that pool chemicals can carry.

 #2: Fewer chemicals

As mentioned above, the chlorine content of this type of pool is far lower than a traditional backyard swimming pool. Less chlorine means that strong pool odor won’t be an issue. It means no more bleached swimsuits and no more kids’ hair turning green after a few weeks’ heavy pool use.

And because you won’t have to add concentrated chlorine, this salt pool system is better for the environment. 

#3: Simpler maintenance

The ease of caring for a salt water pool may be its biggest benefit. One of Neave Pools’ swimming pool professionals, Kris Schmitt, often likens these pools to driving with cruise control. As long as you keep the salt level regulated in your pool, the chemical balances pretty much take care of themselves.

Of course, despite those low-maintenance benefits of installing a saltwater system, these pools definitely aren’t one-hundred percent maintenance free! You will still need to monitor the pool’s salt and chlorine levels and keep the pool clean.

Thinking of installing a salt water pool system in your backyard? The swimming pool professionals at Neave Pools can help, whether you’re converting your traditional chlorine pool or building from scratch. And when we’re done with the installation, we can work with you to create a swimming pool servicing plan, too.

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FREE Pool Design Guide

Download our FREE 25-page Swimming Pool Design Guide and create a perfect paradise in your backyard.

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