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Closing up the pool for the winter is a big task, with a long checklist. While water chemical balance and the proper cover are high on the list, how should you store your pool filter in winter?

Cleaning and storing your pool’s filter for the winter will ensure it’s in great shape in the spring when you’re ready to dive back into the swimming season.

Why is proper pool filter winter storage important while your pool slumbers for the winter? Let’s take a look.

First, How Do Filters Work?

If you have a swimming pool, you also have a filter system that collects all the debris that accumulates during the busy swimming season.

That’s a lot of debris. Sweat, sunscreen, dirt, bird droppings — your hard-working pool filter screens it all out so you have clear, sparkling pool water to enjoy.

Filters are universal in pool systems, linked to the circulation system along with the motors and pumps.

Your pool water is forced through a filter medium, usually a cartridge, where the particles are trapped so the clean, filtered water returns to the pool. As water pumps through the circulation system, the filter strains the impurities.

Your Filter’s End Of Season Needs

By the end of a busy summer pool season, all the fun has taken a toll on your hard-working filter. All four cartridges in the filter need a thorough cleaning.

Parts might be damaged, or even lost. Maybe a small part fell off into the grass when you removed the filter for the season.

It’s easy to miss this kind of filter trouble when there’s a long checklist of tasks to close up the pool.

Pool Opening Closing


Why Pool Filter Winter Storage Matters

Maybe you tuck your pool filter on a shelf in the garage and forget it until spring. Maybe you even leave it outside for the winter, where a tree branch could fall on it.

When spring rolls around, popping a dirty pool filter back into the pool means it will take longer for your water to be crystal clear because your filter won’t be working at top efficiency.

If a part is missing or damaged, that will delay your pool opening — just when you’re ready to celebrate the new swim season.

Leave Your Pool Filter’s Winter Needs To Neave

Closing Your Swimming Pool in 7 Simple StepsAt Neave Pools, we know exactly what your pool filter needs to get it ready to run efficiently in the spring, and we’re happy to clean, inspect, repair and store it for you. Neave’s Filter Cleaning, Repair, and Storage program have you covered.

We’ll thoroughly clean all four cartridges of your pool filter. That saves you the time-consuming hassle of meticulous cleaning.

We’ll check it for any damaged or missing parts, let you know what it needs, and make any needed repairs.

Then we’ll store your pool filter, safe and sound, ready to re-install in the spring for next year’s pool season.

Don’t Neglect Pool Equipment Maintenance

Pool equipment maintenance can also be a part of your regularly scheduled visits from Neave Pools throughout the season. While we check your pool’s performance, the chemical levels of your water and the overall condition of your pool, we can also service and inspect the equipment that keeps your pool operational on a daily basis.

At the very least we can offer you peace of mind, but we can also provide you suggestions and recommendations based on whatever we find during the inspection.

Tend to equipment maintenance now, and you’ll save money and hassle down the road.

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