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backyard pool with seating areaAh, the good old days. When you first started your family, all you had to do was fill a toy-store wading pool with water from the hose — you were guaranteed sunny-day fun all summer long.

Well, things aren’t as easy now as they used to be. These days, your life’s probably outgrown lounging in that wading pool and calls for something a bit more substantial, like an infinity pool with a deep end. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some fun in the sun!

A swimming pool design with amazing pool features like palm trees doesn’t have to be daunting — it’s a process you can tackle one step at a time, and it’s even easier if you have a little help from the professionals. (That’s where Neave Pools comes in!)

Here’s a look at those important first steps that will get you started in the journey of outdoor living that will end with a beautiful new inground swimming pool.

Inground Pool Design Step 1: Initial property assessment

The beginning of any new construction process is a consultation. In Neave Pools’ case, you’ll meet your point person who will be your guide through the design and construction process — and beyond into maintenance and improvement, if you wish!

The pool contractor company you work with will send a landscape designer or project manager to your home for a comprehensive site visit and property walkthrough, where you’ll discuss your needs, wants and even concerns.

This is also a great time to go over any inspiration you’ve found as you’ve been planning to design your own backyard pool area. Sharing magazine cutouts, websites and other ideas will give your designer more insight into your tastes and style — and help get them started on the next step.

Inground Pool Design Step 2: The actual design

3D concept of pool
Neave Pools offers 3D swimming pool design to our New York and Connecticut clients.

Your designer will head back to the office to start incorporating their findings from your site visit, the ideas and inspiration you shared, as well as their own knowledge and insights, into an initial design. It’s time to start bringing it all to life!

At Neave Pools, our pool builder designers use a realistic 3-D modeling program — in addition to the on-paper designs we create — to offer a more realistic visualization of how the beautiful pool might look once it’s complete.

Inground Pool Design Step 3: Presenting the design

Your designer should offer you a few realistic swimming pool design options that are suited to your landscape design. You’ll see those paper drawings, as well as 3-D renderings (in Neave Pools’ case), and after discussing what you like and dislike about what the designer has created, they’ll wrap up a final design for your approval.

Then you’ll be on your way to the construction process!

Inground Pool Design Step 4: On-site tweaks

landscape architecture
Before you break ground on your pool now is the time to make small changes to your plan.

There may even be opportunities to tweak your design as the initial construction process gets underway! Sometimes things layout a tad differently on-site. Many times homeowners will want to resize the surrounding patio area to fit a rectangular pool size or change up the pool decking materials (upgrade!) or even plant choices. A capable pool construction contractor is able to easily adapt and take care of these small changes.

At Neave Pools, your new pool design ideas will be supervised every step of the way by that point person you met with on the very first day — and they’ll remain in touch with you during that time, too.

Of course, the type of pool design goes way beyond the design itself — and Neave Pools wants to simplify the process as much as possible! That’s why we’ve created our FREE Swimming Pool Plan Guide for anyone interested in having a custom pool with fun water features. Click the image below and download it today! Or, if you know you’re ready to start the conversation about designing your own outdoor space with a backyard oasis, give Neave Pools a call at (845) 463-0592 or fill out our online form to schedule your Pool & Property Assessment.

swimming pool design guide

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