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custom built pool with heaterNew York and Connecticut typically have warm summers. And yet, there are days when the sun hides behind clouds and the air is cold. But, you want to be able to use your pool anytime you desire. So, you’re ready for a pool heater.
Here’s what you need to come to terms with before you invest in a heater for your pool:

  1. The price point: How much does a heater for your pool cost? How much does it cost to install it? Will you be able to hook it up to your house or will you need to include an electrical box or a propane heater?
  2. The operational costs: Next comes the cost of heating the pool. How much does it cost to heat your pool with this particular heater? What happens when this heater needs repair? How long will this heater do the job of heating your pool?

Learn more about the costs of heating your pool in this blog post.

Pool Heating Options

custom inground pool with heater and patio

In New York and Connecticut, you have two heating options: Natural gas/propane or an electric heat pump. Both types of heaters for your pool have their pros and cons.

There are also geothermal heating and solar panels, but they’re not popular with homeowners wishing to heat their Northeastern swimming pools.

Typically, folks keep their pools heated at 78° – 82° Fahrenheit. However, you can heat your pool cooler or warmer according to your tastes.

Let’s break down those two heating options:

  1. Gas Heaters: If you can hook up your gas pool heater to your home, you’ll be using natural gas. However, if you don’t have a gas line to hook to your heater, then you’ll need a propane tank to store the gas. Natural gas heats up your pool water quickly compared to using an electric heat pump. Matter of fact, gas heats the water three times faster than electricity. While it may sound great to have propane or natural gas to heat your pool, it does cost more to operate. Natural gas uses three times more energy than an electric heat pump. At Neave Pools, we recommend gas pool heaters for weekenders who only swim in their pools Friday through Sunday. You’ll get a better ROI in the long run. We also advise homeowners who have a spa with their pool to invest in gas heating. Since gas heats the water quickly, you’ll be able to reach that 100°F temperature faster for your spa.
  2. Electric Heat Pump: More cost-effective compared to using natural gas, the electric heat pump grabs warmth directly from the air and uses it to heat your pool. It takes longer to heat the water compared to gas energy, but it can trap warmth from the air even on a chilly day. A pool cover works well to keep the pool heated overnight when the temperatures drop. Electric heat is more efficient than gas heating for a family who uses the pool nearly every day. You can turn on the heater to warm up the water while doing something else. Then the pool water is comfortable when it’s time to jump into it.

Automated Heating at Your Fingertips

Pool automation allows you to save time and energy with a tap or two on a screen. When you automate your pool heater, you can turn it on at the last minute before jumping into the pool.

Pool automation also allows you to turn off your pool’s heating system when everyone is out of the pool, as well as it enables you to deploy the pool cover to trap the heat inside your pool overnight.

Let Neave Pools Help You Find the Perfect Heater for Your Pool

At Neave Pools, we’re experts in pool heating systems. We can help you pick the perfect heater for your pool whether you’re updating an old system or investing in a new pool.

We’ll also set you up with pool automation and a pool cover to save money on heating costs. You’ll have one pool contractor who can answer all your questions and set you up with the best pool heater.

Learn more about Neave’s pool heating services. If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

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