One of the easiest ways to manage your drainage is to use trench drains, which are usually a specific channel that directs water away from certain areas. Trench drains are usually lined by concrete and sloped appropriately to take advantage of gravity. Steel grates or other filters are used to cover the trench drain so that it does not become clogged by debris, while also offering a smooth surface overtop. trenchdrainTrench drains remain a popular choice for managing excess rain water and storm water in concrete areas such as parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. They are also very popular around pool edges since they capture water that drips off of swimmers and redirect it to a desired location without allowing water to collect in any undesired location. Commercial owners can benefit from Neave Storm Water as well! We work with a wide range of commercial property owners ranging from community centers to large businesses. Trench drains are a very popular choice for multi-level parking garages, high traffic walkways and busy entrances. There are many different types of trench drains that are tailor made to address certain situations. A Neave Storm Water technician can help determine which trench drain is best for you. The types of trench drains include:

  • Cast in place trench drains
  • Former systems
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Linear Systems

Neave Storm Water offers an extensive variety of trench drains that will satisfy the aesthetic look you are hoping to achieve while also maintaining a high level of functionality. We can install them quickly and easily for you, while also performing regular maintenance so that your trench drains are working at an optimal level. Your Neave Storm Water contractor will conduct a full inspection of your property to see if trench drains are an optimal solution for your drainage problem. Contact us today to inquire about our trench drains!