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fall decorating ideasThe gang here at Neave Décor is already champing at the bit to start helping with our customers’ Christmas décor!

We spend all year dreaming up what we’ll do when the holidays come, but the boss keeps telling us we have to wait. (Apparently K-mart’s holiday advertising schedule isn’t an appropriate measure of when to start!)

So we’re channeling our excitement into the season at hand. Here are a few fall decorating ideas from the décor pros at Neave Décor to up your festivity factor while the temperatures drop.

Fall decorating idea #1: pick some pumpkins and gourds

The best part about this fall décor: You can grab it at the grocery or hardware store or you can make an entire day of it; picking your own pumpkin straight from the patch.

But you’re doing yourself a disservice by limiting yourself to a short-lived Halloween jack-o’-lantern this fall. Pumpkins and gourds now come in so many colors that you can decorate with them all season long.

There are plenty of other ways to get creative with pumpkins and gourds, too. Try painting a big pumpkin with chalkboard paint and encouraging your kids to go crazy decorating — again and again and again! Or try a combination of stencil painting and carving for a longer-lasting look that can be spooky, beautiful or whimsical.

Fall decorating idea #2: hang a wreath early

fall decorating with wreathsWreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore. These days, there are door adornments for every season and holiday! And with the bounty of the fall harvest, the options for creating a beautiful live wreath are almost endless.

Want to make your own? Start with a simple foam ring from the craft store and decorate it with ribbon, burlap, dried leaves, Indian corn, maybe even a few decorative birds. Check out Pinterest for lots of autumn wreath ideas to spark your imagination.

Create a beautiful display at your home’s front entrance by coordinating your fall or Halloween wreath with a showy container of mums, flowering kale and other fall plants that strike your fancy.

Fall decorating idea #3: light up the night

It may be too early to deck the halls with boughs of holly, but twinkling white lights can be used year round to add a little festivity indoors and out. (If you’re feeling bold, miniature orange lights are out there, too!)

Whether you string a strand for your Halloween party or leave them up year round and change up the décor around them, simple electric lights are a simple way to punch up your décor, especially if you’re using lots of rich, deep colors to decorate for autumn.

Fall decorating idea #4: add some texture

fall decorating with burlapIf summer is all about airy cotton, and winter is rich with velvet, then fall is all about textured fabrics like corduroy and burlap. (Yes, burlap!)

I’m not suggesting you start draping everything with swaths of that itchy brown stuff, nor should you cover every open surface with pumpkins and gourds. However, when burlap is used as an accent it adds a rustic feel to a wreath or table runner, wrapped around a banister or tied around an outdoor container.

Fall decorating idea #5: bring nature inside — and vice versa

This is the time of year we love to throw the windows open and let the fresh air in after an air-conditioned summer. So why not mix the indoors and outdoors in other ways, too?

Bring bits of nature from newly fallen acorns as accents to big branches. These can be your centerpieces inside to soften up your interiors.

Or let the kids go through their closets for clothes that don’t fit and take them to the backyard to spend a family afternoon dressing up a family of scarecrows.

Not as geeked out about fall decorating as we are? You can still make your home beautiful for fall, inside and out, with professional décor services from Neave Holiday Décor.

Call us at (845) 463-0592 or fill out the web form on the right-hand side of the page, and we’ll get in touch with you.

We can even help you create a décor plan that transitions naturally into Christmas and other holiday décor. Let’s get started!

Image credit: The Finishing Touches

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