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Gate House Christmas DecorWell, it’s official: Halloween isn’t even here yet – heck, fall only began a few days ago – and we’re already seeing holiday decorating items in stores. The “Christmas Creep” is nothing new, but this year, we’d like to help you get excited for the season by inspiring you to go all out with your holiday decorating!

Whether you’re just focusing on your indoor decorations or ready to make a wow statement outdoors, too, we’ve got plenty of ideas. Here’s a look at five holiday decorating trends we’re seeing for 2012.


LED holiday lighting

There are more and more displays of LED holiday lighting cropping up. These types of lights save a lot of electricity and help cut down on electrical issues, especially for outdoor holiday lighting, but as this technology becomes more widespread, they’re looking much more like incandescent lights, softer and more natural. Before long, you may not even know the difference!


Cool colors for holiday lighting

Blue was a huge holiday decorating color trend last year – all the holiday lighting manufacturers actually ran out of blue lights in 2011! – and we’re expecting more of the same this year. Blue is cool and modern, and it looks beautiful against a backdrop of snow, which we didn’t have much of last Christmas…but you never know for this year! Homeowners really looking to stand out with their outdoor holiday decorations may choose a color like this that’s unexpected and classy.


Themed outdoor holiday decorations

We’re also hearing a lot of homeowners want to create a décor theme throughout their homes. Some want a classic red and gold look; others favor a luxe silver and gold. They’re also asking for fun accents like snowflakes or icicles, toy trains and soldiers, even fruit, berries and twigs for a natural look. These themes can begin with outdoor holiday decorations with lights and garlands, then continue the holiday decorating inside with swags of greenery, themed trees, mantel displays and more.


Old-fashioned, multicolored holiday lighting

For those still longing for the “good old days,” those oversized multicolored strings of lights are becoming popular again for an old-fashioned look. You can keep those displays simple and just line the house with multicolored strand after strand of holiday lighting, or you can mix them into your decor with tiny white lights for an eye-catching blend of old and new!


Don’t forget Hanukkah

Finally, our commercial clients are excited to be more inclusive in their holiday decorating by celebrating all religions in their holiday displays: neutral holiday lighting, Christmas trees and other displays, as well as Menorahs and other decorations for Hanukkah.


There’s still plenty of time to make your arrangements for truly memorable holiday decorating this year! If you need help, one of our designers can help you make the most of the holiday season at your home or business. Give us a call at (845) 463-0592. (And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our Holiday Décor Ideas Pinterest board or view the gallery on our Christmas decorating website!)


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