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It’s time to jump out of your outdoor holiday lighting comfort zone.

Some holiday lighting is tried and true: Twinkling lights. Front door wreaths. Towering trees, festooned with decorations.

But each holiday season brings its own popular outdoor holiday lighting trends — ideas that tempt you to hop out of your decorating routine to try something new.

Twinkling white lights have been your decorating go-to as long as you can remember. This year, why not add a shot of color to your outdoor holiday lighting scheme?

From sleepy residences to bustling commercial centers, step out of your decorating comfort zone with these top three trending outdoor holiday lighting ideas:

Colored Lights Are Back in Style This Holiday Season

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White lights have reigned for years, outlining roof peaks and twinkling on trees and shrubs, but this year, multicolored lights take the lead.

Kids love the color, and families are including children more than ever in holiday decorating choices. Wow, the kids with your most colorful display ever.

Commercial properties that have relied on traditional white lights for holiday decor might catch the eye of new customers with a dazzling new light display packed with color.

While white lights are classic and understated, multicolor lights shout festive and fun.

Can’t quite decide? Compromise: mix a few red and green lights in with your white bulbs for the best of both worlds.

Outdoor LED Holiday Lighting Packs A Color Punch

This shift toward colorful lights coincides with the boom in LED lighting. Today’s outdoor LED holiday lighting offers a much more vibrant look than the colored bulbs your dad strung up years ago. Incandescent lights get their color from covering the white glow of the filament with colored bulbs. But the diodes of LED bulbs actually generate different colors on the color spectrum, so the color is more intense.

If this is your year to switch to colored holiday lights, be sure to do it with LEDs, which are not only more vibrant but use much less energy than your old strings of lights.

Pro Tip: Don’t Forget Your Landscape Lights

An easy way to hop on the color train: Simply replace the white bulbs in your landscape lighting fixtures with red or green bulbs to wash your house in the holiday spirit.

Outdoor Holiday Lights & Big Decor

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2015 Christmas Decor award for
“Best use of Barcana”

Maybe it’s a sign of a renewed economy, but bigger is better in holiday decor. Think towering Christmas trees, 6-foot toy soldiers flanking your front door and large-scale wreaths festooned with decorations all festively lit for the season.

This year, Neave Decor has partnered with Barcana, Inc., a leading wholesaler of large-scale holiday decorations.

Choose giant lighted candy canes to form an arch over your front door. Thinking outside the box yet? Or stack a pile of over-sized colorful gift boxes, tied up in bows. All weatherproof, of course, for outdoor use.

This large-scale decor is great for shopping centers and commercial properties, but homeowners should consider it for front yard displays, too.

Because who wouldn’t want a giant smiling snowman in their front yard? Plus, he comes with a no-melt guarantee.

Multimedia Holiday Light Shows With RGB

RGB is the latest in lighting techniques and it’s here in full force for the holidays. It stands for red, green and blue, which sounds simple enough. But these three colors combined, when varied in intensity, have the ability to produce millions of different colors.

That means stupendous light shows.4 Decorating

These high-tech lighting systems have built-in Wi-fi receivers, remote controls to change the effects at whim, and limitless color and design options.


Because you can change the colors with the click of a button, leave these lights up all year, and change the colors for a variety of holidays.

Don’t wait for Christmas — stage an ever-changing light show with spooky effects for Halloween. Then switch to a holiday theme, followed by a red show for Valentine’s Day and a green theme for St. Patrick’s Day.

Set the dazzling lights to music and you’ve got a theme park-worthy show right in your own front yard.

Need Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas? Ask Neave

Neave Decor has beautified New York and Connecticut homes and business for the holidays for more than a decade.

Our custom decorative services and professional installation are available for both residential and commercial customers, so whether you need your home properly preened for the holidays or your office prettied up to celebrate the season, Neave is a perfect choice.

Our staff of designers will work closely with you to create an ambiance that reflects your passion for the holidays.

Neave does it all, including lighting, ornaments, arrangements, decorative statues, automated systems for timing and energy efficiency and anything else you can dream up.

Avoid holiday decorating mistakes of years past. Let us climb the ladders and do all the fussing. All you have to do is approve the design, then bask in the holiday glow.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

We’ll provide everything merry and bright.

neave holiday lighting tip sheet book

FREE Holiday Guide

Download our FREE Lighting & Decorating Guide to start decorating your house like a pro!

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