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Curbside Landscape and IrrigationWhen is the last time you put your commercial sprinkler system to the test? We’re talking about getting an irrigation audit of the sprinkler system on your Westchester, NY commercial property and how this essential service visit can help you save on water bills and conserve a finite resource.

What is an irrigation audit?

It’s an analysis of your water irrigation system that involves collecting information about how the sprinkler system applies water. During the assessment, a certified water technician will run the sprinkler system and gather data about the uniformity of water and the rate of precipitation, which is how much water plants are getting. An inspection also will identify how the water supply is working overall. An irrigation system audit allows a professional to identify leaks, broken sprinkler heads, and incorrect run times/zones.

Your property’s landscape is ever-changing—you might increase the turf area, add a new plant bed, alter the grade, etc. So, reviewing your commercial water system every year is important to ensure the sprinkler system is watering plants and grass efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, a sprinkler system inspection will ensure that your system design and function is up to par.

Now, there’s a difference between an irrigation audit and a water irrigation system analysis, which is more of a preventive step to look for malfunctioning parts. A water irrigation system analysis is a deep-dive review of your sprinkler system, where a technician accounts for every component and considers the sprinkler system design.

What about the bottom line? How will you save money by spending on a water sprinkler inspection? We’re glad you asked. Here are three ways water sprinkler inspections will put more money back into your landscape maintenance budget to use for enhancements or other projects.

#1 Conserve Water and Improve Plant Health

Landscape SprinklersA water supply system evaluation will reveal any problems with the sprinkler system run times. If the system is running too long, the excess water that plants and grass don’t absorb will run off the surface. You might notice signs of this. Puddling along walkways and driveways is one clue. Plants that are overwatered are more susceptible to disease, as well.

So, a water system evaluation will not only save money on your water bill by preventing unnecessary watering, but you’ll also reduce the likelihood of having to replace diseased or struggling plants.

After a water supply system evaluation, sprinkler system run times are adjusted to ensure your Westchester, NY commercial property gets the right amount of water when and where it needs it. This is good for the planet, the grass, and the plants on your property—and it’s good for the system itself. Because, why run it if you don’t need to?

#2 Identify Sprinkler Components that Need Replacing

Sprinkler System RepairDuring a sprinkler system inspection, a licensed water technician will conduct a thorough overview of your sprinkler system’s components. That includes valves, spray heads, the controller and features like rain sensors. This way, components that are not in proper working order can be identified and replaced.

Without an assessment, you might not realize there are broken parts on your irrigation sprinklers. Even if a sprinkler head was bumped by a mower and stopped working, your irrigation sprinklers would still function. However, you would not be gaining the full benefit of the system, you’d be losing efficiency, and there’d be an area of your property that wouldn’t get the water it needs.

A sprinkler inspection will uncover any faulty system components that need replacing. Not to mention, the sprinkler assessment will identify older parts that can be replaced with newer, more efficient components that will decrease your water bill and do a better job of watering your property.

#3 Help Your Water System Last Longer

When you keep up with regular water system maintenance, your system will work more efficiently and last longer.

You will get more life from your watering system when it is properly cared for and when outdated or faulty parts are replaced in a timely manner.

Is It Time For A Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation Checkup?

Most Efficient Irrigation SystemWhen is the last time your commercial property’s sprinkler system was evaluated by a water irrigation contractor? Sprinkler irrigation checkups are performed by certified water technicians with technical expertise and landscaping experience. Every commercial property has different watering needs based on the lay of the land, landscape beds, and your goals.

Let’s be sure the sprinkler water system you have is doing its best to save you money and conserve water.

Neave Irrigation is a sprinkler system contractor in Westchester, New York. Contact us at 914-271-7996, or complete our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

landscape planning guide neave group cover

FREE Landscape Planning Guide

Download our FREE Landscape Planning Guide and start planning the landscape of your dreams!

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