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If you’re dreaming about a luxury outdoor living space where you can relax, entertain, gather with family and use it as an extension of the home, you’re definitely not alone. During the past several years, landscaping projects are on the rise and contractors are backed up trying to deliver on customers’ requests. Across the board, there’s more work for contractors than labor to get jobs done.

What does this mean for the landscape project you’ve been planning for 2023?

Will materials pricing increase? How long will you have to wait before a landscape contractor starts your outdoor living project? Will the materials you select be available?

The answers depend on what company you ask, the relationships they have with vendors and suppliers, and the talent they have on their teams to complete landscape projects. Some landscape companies can’t keep up. Others are positioned to deliver projects on time, and on budget.

Here, we’ll explain why and answer your questions about getting a landscape project done in 2023.


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How Long Will We Wait for Landscape Project Supplies?

During the height of the pandemic and even through last year, the wait for all construction supplies and materials was causing projects to get delayed pretty significantly. For instance, hardscape materials for a patio might have taken a couple of months to arrive when a typical wait time would be one week or less. Because the supply chain was inconsistent, some materials were coming in faster than others, and many landscape professionals had a tough time scheduling projects for this reason.

The good news is, the supply chain has loosened up and even during the tougher times, professionals like Neave Group with longtime vendor partnerships were procuring necessary supplies and materials within reasonable timeframes. If we see there will be a long wait, we discuss alternatives. There is always a solution. But overall, we are not expecting excessive wait times for landscape project materials.


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How Far In Advance Should I Plan a Landscape Project?

Reputable landscape professionals work months in advance because they are taking on large-scale, custom projects that require thoughtful planning, design, permitting and execution. If you are thinking about adding an outdoor living space with multiple features – patios, kitchen, fire or water features, seating areas – this scope naturally demands more advanced planning. But how much really depends on your situation. We have worked with clients for six months and longer before breaking ground to get the design just right. At Neave group, we work year-round so there’s never a bad time to schedule a consultation and get the process started.

Planning ahead is key. Be sure to ask the landscape professionals you’re considering what their scheduling backlog is so you know if the company can complete the project on your desired timeline. If you want to jump into a luxury outdoor pool before the Fourth of July, will this be possible? Find out before you sign the contract. And, remember, good things take time. If you imagined lounging in your outdoor living space on Memorial Day but are in the early planning stages of your project in late March, you will probably need to reset your expectations with a mindset that this long-term investment could take longer.


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Will My Landscape Project Cost More in 2023?

I guess the easy answer is this question: Doesn’t everything cost more in 2023? Of course, there have been some pricing adjustments. But when you partner with a design/build landscape company that maintains strong vendor relationships, that can impact pricing for you in a positive way.

Price increases are the nature of supply and demand, inflation and the economic environment. Work with a landscape professional that understands your budget and long-term goals so you can accomplish your dream outdoor living space. There is always a way. That can include financing, tackling a project in phases over a period of time, or selecting different materials.

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landscape planning guide neave group cover

FREE Landscape Planning Guide

Download our FREE Landscape Planning Guide and start planning the landscape of your dreams!

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