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Creating the perfect backyard oasis is a multi-faceted discipline. A discipline and a labor of love that encompasses horticulture, environmental engineering, and sculpture. When you team up with us at Neave Landscaping, you get unparalleled access to a wealth of ideas and the expertise of people who live and breathe the skilled trade of landscaping.

We create beautiful spaces for residential and commercial clients, and it is not just about pools. We are a full-service group that can tackle any landscaping project – big or small. We can help you to design, build and enjoy your new space and really make it work for you and your family. Furthermore, we can help you understand how professional landscape design increases property value.

Why Choose Professional Landscape Design from Neave Landscaping? 

Our team is full of great listeners. We actively listen to what you want and help you to visualize that look and feel of the space using the most up to date rendering programs out there. It is in the planning stage that the fun starts. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We can design, build and install:

  • Elaborate water features
  • Tiered steps and rock walls
  • Gazebos and pergolas
  • Privacy hedges, trees, and flowers
  • Putting greens and indoor/outdoor multi-game courts

Our award-winning designers possess degrees in landscape architecture, horticulture, and landscape design. We even have our own landscape architect on staff. Starting with an initial consultation, moving on to beautifully rendered 3D plans, and finishing with immaculately constructed spaces – we are the team to get it all done. The range and scope of what we can achieve together will improve the look of your property and compliment the architecture of your home superbly.

3 Essentials of How Professional Landscape Design Increases Property Value

1. Trees

Shade trees help boost curb appeal to no end. Trees provide energy savings by keeping your house cool in the summer (shade) and warm in winter – as they act as windbreaks. They prevent pollutants from entering the water table and suck up water surrounding your property protecting your basement from floods.

According to the National Tree Calculator, a 20-inch Red maple planted in our Northeast region provides overall benefits of $163 every year. Multiply those benefits by the number of trees on your property – it all adds up.

2. Choose Native Plants

Indigenous plantings thrive without extra maintenance. This affects your bottom line immensely because you save on expensive gardening and watering fees. Applied Ecological Services Inc., a Wisconsin ecological consultancy, has also shown that maintaining an acre of native plants over 20 years costs $3,000, compared with the $20,000 cost of maintaining a lawn of non-native turf grass.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is consistently viewed highly amongst potential homebuyers across the US. Great outdoor lighting “paints” your home at night and lets folks see all those wonderful landscaping you have put in. It makes your property less desirable for burglars and therefore can affect your insurance. Some insurance companies give 5% to 15% discounts to homeowners with reduced or zero claims, so it’s not small potatoes. And, let’s not forget that great lighting will help prevent slip and falls in rainy and snowy weather.

Landscaping and its Importance to Your Wallet Cannot be Understated


Investing in quality landscaping from Neave Landscaping can see your investment returned fully when you sell. In many cases, the initial outlay can be doubled. It quite simply has one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement you can make. Let the professionals at Neave Landscaping work with you to achieve a dream space and build financial security for your property. Contact us to learn about how landscape design increases property value. One of our expert landscapers will get back to you to discuss how we can fulfill your landscaping needs.

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