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Beautiful pool in front of homeThe trusty pool brush you depend on to clean your pool just isn’t enough. The water is not as inviting as usual, and the milky glaze on your pool tile is lackluster. Is it time for a professional pool deep cleaning? How do you know when your Westchester County, NY pool needs a deep cleaning?

A thorough pool cleaning takes time and can require tools you might not keep on hand. Plus, some pool symptoms can indicate more than a cleaning issue. Imbalanced water chemistry can cause your pool to look “off” in color, and improper pH damage equipment like the filter, heater and other mechanicals. While the appearance of your pool is important—we get it—the health of water is essentially for safety, and for the longevity of your pool. Pool cleaning is essential for preserving your investment.

As we plan for more time at home, the pool will be a welcome outdoor reprieve. Now, let’s get down to some of the most common signs that your swimming pool needs a deep clean.

#1 Discolored Water

Water with a tinge of green is the most obvious sign that your pool needs a deep cleaning. Usually, the green results from algae growth. But algae also can cause water to turn brown-yellow, indicating that your pool’s water is not healthy for swimming. We’re not talking slime-green or mud-brown water—even slight discoloration is reason for a deep cleaning, before the contamination damages pool equipment. If pool water appears cloudy, the cause could be lack of sunlight, heavy rain, chemical imbalance or an issue with your pool filter. A certified pool technician can determine the reason for water discoloration to prevent the problem in the future.

#2 Insects and Other ‘Swimmers’

You didn’t invite the neighborhood bugs to swim in your pool, but when the water is not properly balanced and there’s a buildup of residue (algae, etc.), unwanted organisms ranging from bacteria to pests can take over. Your pool needs a professional cleaning, and regular water chemistry checks are recommended.

#3 Eye Irritation or Itchy Skin 

Your pool could contain too much chlorine, or there might be contaminants in your pool such as dirt, sweat or even sunscreen. Your pool water should feel comfortable—and if it doesn’t, that’s a sign that your water should be tested.

#4 Scaling 

Calcium buildup on your pool walls can cause grayish stains and are signs of (again) improper water chemistry. Calcium can also cause spotting on swimming pool tile, which can be cleaned using a pumice stone or by treatments from a professional pool cleaner.

#5 Bubbles or Foam

Do you notice bubbles forming on the pool surface? Do you see foam gathering along the water’s edge? If your pool sustains bubbles (they don’t pop) or foam, this could be due to a clogged filter, bacteria buildup, or even contaminants in the water like sunscreen. Again, water chemistry should be checked because bubbles indicate a probable pH imbalance.

Clear the Way for Swimming Season 

Now more than ever, we’re finding fun ways to enjoy time at home. Get your pool in shape with a professional pool service that will clean your pool so you can swim healthy. You can count on the certified pool technicians at our certified pool contractor company to expertly clean and perform necessary pool service maintenance to protect your investment.

Contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester or 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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