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a luxury pool with maintenance by Neave

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and beneath the surface of your pool—and that’s why pool maintenance involves much more than a skimmer and chemicals. Consider the advanced remote monitoring devices, sophisticated pumps, lighting systems and controls used to operate your pool. Not to mention, there’s the exquisite tile you selected—along with the spa and waterfall. Every piece and part needs attention to look its best and perform like you expect.

Are you prepared to maintain your pool so you can protect your investment and keep it in perfect working order?

If you’re like most property owners, the answer is, “Not really.” Your pool environment is one of many responsibilities on your grounds, and taking on regular cleaning, chemistry adjustments and preventive maintenance can become a burden. The problem is, when pool maintenance is put on the back burner, issues with mechanicals and the pool’s shell can arise. If you ignore maintenance, you could end up paying more to replace parts, equipment or make other costly fixes.

For all these reasons, most property owners who partner with us to design and build their pools also choose to hire a pool maintenance professional. If you’re reading this and you already have a pool cleaner, you might be wondering if your pool and spa is getting the attention it needs. We’d like to take a moment to share how Neave Pools’ maintenance division cares for pools. After decades designing, building and maintaining luxury swimming pools and spas, we have run into plenty of situations where poor maintenance, or lack of maintenance, results in pool renovations and equipment replacement.

Think about the pool service you are getting today. Ask the pool maintenance provider about their process. Is your pool cleaner addressing these key maintenance points?

neave pools maintenance service projectFirst, A General Equipment Inspection

Regular pool equipment inspection includes reviewing filters and valves. The pool cleaner will also make sure drain covers are in place (a safety measure), along with conducting a general walk-through to identify potential issues, such as noting any water discoloration. The pool professional also will make sure mechanicals are all in good working order.

Weekly Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Checks

A typical pool maintenance visit will involve pool cleaning: vacuuming, skimming and brushing the pool’s shell and cleaning tile. The pool professional will also clean trap baskets and test the water chemistry. After checking the pH, any necessary chemicals that might be required to bring the water into balance are added.

Filter inspection and cleaning is also an important aspect of a regular pool and spa maintenance visit. Filters should be inspected weekly and can include changing the gaskets, PSI gauges or cartridges. Also, be sure that DE filters are inspected and grids are cleaned.

Some additional pool maintenance tasks include resetting and adjusting time clocks (if needed), cleaning tile and adding water, if necessary. Some pools have a salt chlorine generator that converts salt into chlorine, so those salt levels need to be checked.

Make sure your maintenance provider also checks the pool heater to be sure is running at its peak. Simply cleaning the unit, and testing its power, can go ensure it is operating efficiently.


Ask About a Pool Maintenance Plan

Every pool and spa environment is different and maintenance should be tailored to address the technology, materials and mechanicals your pool includes. A quality pool maintenance professional will provide a customized pool maintenance plan that includes the pool cleaning and equipment tasks we outlined. The plan should be specifically geared toward your property’s needs. Some pool cleaners offer a one-size-fits-all pool maintenance package, and while that’s probably better than doing nothing at all, you won’t get the personalized service you deserve.

Is It Time To Switch Pool Maintenance Providers?

Maybe. Your pool and spa are an investment—your outdoor environment adds value to your property, and continuous care will help retain its beauty and performance. Be sure your pool maintenance pro is doing more than just cleaning. Pool maintenance is about prevention, troubleshooting and protecting your asset.

Why not partner with a pro that can maintain your pool and spa, and the surrounding plants and landscape. A turn-key pool and landscape design/build/maintenance professional is equipped to be the go-to caregiver on your Hudson Valley, West Chester, NY or Connecticut property. Find out how we can take the burden of maintenance off your back so you can enjoy your great outdoors. Call us any time or fill out this simple form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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