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10 and Under TennisIt’s been said again and again: Sports offers so many benefits to young children. With childhood obesity on the rise, there’s no doubt the outward health benefits are among the most important.

But playing sports also teaches kids social skills and teamwork; good self-esteem; conflict resolution; the importance of goals and more. Which is why we’re so excited about our relationship with Flex Court Athletics — and, more importantly, their partnership with the United States Tennis Association and their 10 and Under Tennis initiative.

10 and Under Tennis is a new way to teach children to play and compete in the game of tennis. Just like kids learn T-ball before baseball and shoot baskets on low hoops with smaller balls before graduating to an NBA-size court, 10 and Under Tennis uses equipment that fits kids’ proportions, so they aren’t challenged by oversized racquets and other equipment that frustrates them.

The three stages of 10 and Under Tennis

There are three stages of play in 10 and Under Tennis. The first uses slower-moving balls, which are 15 percent larger than regulation tennis balls, on a 36-foot-long court (parents can simply chalk off the shorter area of a regulation court to create this). The balls rebound more slowly off the racquet and don’t bounce quite as high, making it easier for children to control them while swinging their racquets freely.

The second stage moves kids to a larger court — 60 feet — and bumps up the bounciness of the balls, with 50 percent of the compression of standard tennis balls.

And finally, the third stage goes to a full-size, 78-foot tennis court and uses balls with 75 percent of the compression of standard balls.

The 10 and Under Tennis program changes the proportions of the equipment, but it also changes the scoring rules to allow for more shorter matches that will maintain kids’ attention on a court they can actually maneuver around with balls they can hit.

Choose Flex Court and Neave Athletics for your 10 and Under Tennis court

Flex Court’s All-Weather Tennis Court surface is a cushioned, medium-hard, and fast-drying surface under the USTA’s surfacing guidelines, which makes it perfect for 10 and Under Tennis.

If you’ve already got your own tennis court and young kids at home, consider upgrading to a Flex Court surface to make it easier for everyone in your family to play. And if you’ve got a blank backyard canvas, this winter might be the perfect time to start planning your dream backyard for 2013 — maybe one that includes a Flex Court tennis court for your 10-and-under child or sports enthusiast of any age.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with Corey Bittner, one of our landscape designers, to learn about your Flex Court options through Neave Athletics. Give Corey a call at (845) 463-0592. Or simply fill out our handy web form to the right. Play on!

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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