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Greenburgh Multi-Game Court
This backyard multi-game court features a playing surface for tennis and basketball.

As kids, a living room could transform into a lava pit, where furniture, pillows and cushions were safe spots and the carpet was liquid-hot magma. Today, there are tamer transformations: a sofa that becomes a bed, a phone that’s also a mini-computer…and a tennis court that doubles as a basketball court.

When you’re investing in a backyard game court, why not take the extra steps to create a multi-game court that can serve multiple purposes?

The simplest transformation, of course, is just adding a hoop to the end of a tennis court — no new paint or anything — but many people choose to add different-colored lines for different sports, different types of nets and even separate lighting in areas where they might be playing by night.

It’s a lot of fun designing these multi-game courts, but it can also be very time-consuming — the numbers of design options and layouts are practically endless! Choosing the sports your court will be capable of, then selecting a layout and colors that will fit your backyard’s design, sometimes takes up to five revisions with a designer.

When Neave Sports designers meet with clients, they arrive equipped with an iPad stocked with a portfolio of the multi-game court designs we’ve already created, which helps them get an idea of the types of styles you like. Then they create a detailed 3-D drawing in AutoCAD and add some splashy color in Photoshop before presenting it to you.

Your best option for a multi-game court surface is acrylic, concrete or even a Flex Court system. Flex Court tiles are by far the most popular because they perform so well for all sports — in a wide variety of conditions — while many other surfaces don’t adapt as well to a wide variety of activity.

The most popular types of multi-game courts we design for Neave Sports clients are tennis and basketball courts, but we’re also incorporating roller hockey, volleyball, badminton, and shuffleboard. With the right design, you’ll be able to switch games on a whim, no matter what sport you and your family are in the mood to play.

Ready to go?

Get in touch with Neave Sports if you have questions or want to request a complimentary consultation — just fill out the form to the right. You can also read Landscaping Network’s Flex Court Q&A with Neave Sports landscape designer Corey Bittner.
Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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