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You know the saying: “Drive for show; putt for dough.” Sure, a good drive can really shorten up a golf course, but a good short game can truly shave off a few (or more) strokes from your handicap.

A backyard putting green can give you that winning edge. Maybe you have seriously considered installing one and had a tough time figuring out what all goes into a backyard putting green cost.

We get it because there’s no flat fee when it comes to installing a backyard putting green. And since every yard (and golfer) is different, it’s rare to come across two identical backyard greens.

Size: The Starting Point for Determining Putting Green Cost

At Neave Sports, we are an authorized dealer/installer of Tour Greens (the best) synthetic turf putting greens. Tour Greens surfaces are loved by many of our customers because of their true roll, real-life appearance, and low maintenance needs.

That said, when we start talking to homeowners about the cost a Tour Greens installation, as a general range, we say costs range $15 – $25+ per square foot. Of course, this range and the final total will be greatly affected by the size of your putting green.

4 More Factors Affecting the Artificial Putting Green Cost

Size is important, but it’s not the only variable involved here. Let’s look at four more factors to be aware of when it comes to the end cost of a backyard putting green.

Putting Surface Types

For surface types, there are generally three options we typically install: putting only, short game and target greens. Here’s a brief description of each one:

  • Putting-only surface is considered the best for putting because we install our highest end turf with the smallest amount of infill sand for the truest, smoothest roll. (Infill sand is between to the blades to ensure the grass remains stable and upright.) Since this is a putting only surface, it is not designed to hold golf shots that aren’t putts (think chips, pitches, and lobs) and balls will bounce off it like a trampoline.
  • Short-game green is a beefed up version of the putting-only turf we install. It is good for putting and chipping due to the fact we use more infill sand to help it hold shots from 35 yards and in.
  • Target greens (aka Par 3 greens) react realistically to an approach shot (from up to 150 yards) like a green would on a golf course because it holds the most infill sand. Like comparing a medium-end public course green to a green on a very high-end private course, these greens putt well, but not as smooth as a putting-only green.

The Proper Infill Sand

Infill sand is a critical component to the life and performance of a backyard green. And while there may be a variety of infill options available, Tour Greens greens only use round quartz sand (RQS).

Unlike natural or untumbled sand, RQS doesn’t compact. When a sand compacts, a putting green will get too firm and too fast, sacrificing the performance you’ve come to expect.

RQS is one of the most expensive infill options out there, but it results in your putting green performing as it should for a much longer period of time, especially when compared to the use of a cheaper alternative.

Another important aspect of infill sand is how it’s added to the putting surface. For bigger greens, brooming in infill sand evenly is a time-consuming process and can take a full day. This is something we strongly advise leaving for the well-trained and clearly experienced professionals.

It’s Time to Build a Backyard Putting Green

If you decide to go the route of short-game green or even target green, then you’re probably envisioning a bunker somewhere in the mix. Making this happen will increase the cost of the overall project. Here’s a look at some of the most common add-on features for Tour Green putting greens:

Bunkers – available in either sand or grass

Fringe – all Tour Greens putting surfaces come with fringe, but some golfers prefer a third and fourth cut of fringe

Flagsticks – while the number of holes you have on a green won’t really affect the cost, custom flagsticks and custom flags are an option that will.

Building the Base

All well-built, expertly-installed things start with the right foundation. The same goes for your putting green.

Working with an experienced professional who knows the importance of a properly built putting green base is crucial. From drainage to shape, if the base of your putting green isn’t shaped properly to perform the right way and also look how it should, you’re compromising quality and performance of the end product.

A Lower Handicap Starts with a Neave Sports Installed Tour Greens Putting Surface

Questions about space? Need help deciding which green type and features are right for your game … and your yard? Or maybe you’d like to continue this discussion on cost and what it will take to get a short-game green bump-and-running in your backyard.

Choosing to work with Neave Sports when constructing your golf green means that you’re getting the best possible service. Neave Sports can install your dream putting green, complete with chipping areas, bunkers or water features so you can practice the game you love without leaving your backyard.

We custom design each golfing green to perfectly accent your space.

And because we’re integrated with our sister divisions, like Neave Landscaping, we can offer full renovation packages. Consider a small club or pool house, beautiful stone walkways, or maybe a shaded pergola to relax under after you’ve perfected your bump-and-runs. Take a look at some of our green-side work and give us a call.

We can even install seating and entertainment areas, swimming pool and/or hot tub, patios, and plantings to transform your backyard putting green area into a complete backyard retreat!

Get the ball rolling: Fill out our handy contact form to the right or call (845) 463-0592 to talk with a designer. It’s a gimme.

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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FREE Flex Court Athletics Buyer’s Guide

Download our FREE guide and make your backyard your ultimate playground!

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