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Neave Décor provides year-round seasonal decorating services that can brighten your home and reflect your passion for the four seasons. Imagine having a beautiful autumn accent in your home during the fall, or dressing your home in brighter colors in the spring. Neave Décor will work with you to create a completely custom built décor package and offer you a full decorating service from start to finish so that your home is perfectly accented all year round.

Our Neave Decorators can work with you on a per-event basis, or you can build a comfortable, year-long relationship with them. One of the many benefits of working with Neave Décor is that you will always have one point of contact. Your Neave Decorator will be there throughout the year to help you organize your Christmas lights, summer décor and Halloween outdoor arrangements!

Home Decorating Installations and Removal

We offer year-round scheduling for installations and takedowns. You can renew your orders from the previous year to have them re-installed, or add new accents to the existing package. By scheduling the installation and removal of your seasonal décor with us, you can ensure a seamless transition from one special occasion to the next.

By working with the best decorative leasing service in the Hudson Valley area of New York and Connecticut, you won’t have to worry about cluttering up your garage with boxes of décor ever again. When we perform a takedown service, we’ll return the items you’ve used to our off-site storage facility. Think of all the time and money you’ll save by renting décor on a per-event basis, instead of buying, putting up, taking down and storing all the items yourself!

Contact Néave Decor today to find out about our year-long scheduling programs, our seasonal décor packages and discover the joys of working with the best seasonal decorating service in the area! Give us a call at (845) 463-0592 for Hudson Valley, (914) 271-7996 for Westchester, or (203) 212-4800 for Connecticut businesses!

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I learned of your company’s reputation as a leader in the landscaping industry. Your salesperson was courteous, friendly and informative as well as professional.
P.SMillerton, New York

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