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Transform your Bedford, NY property with a luxury swimming pool—the focal point of an outdoor living space, where you can relax, entertain and enjoy a private retreat without leaving your Westchester County home. You can trust Neave Pools to design, install and deliver the experience you expect—and to help you maintain your investment. We take pride in our detailed process and bring our expert team to your project: professional designers, industry-certified installers, specialized craftspeople and a go-to account manager that guides you through our seamless process.

We’re focused on your goals and vision. Show us your Pinterest boards and favorite Houzz projects. Our luxury pools are featured there, too, and we’d love to show you a finished project in Bedford, NY. Is yours next?

Taking your backyard to the next level begins by contacting us here or with a simple phone call to one of our three convenient locations:

  • In the Hudson Valley NY, area, call 845-463-0592.
  • In Westchester County NY, dial 914-271-7996.
  • In Fairfield County CT, contact us at 203-212-4800.

We’ll schedule a time for an initial visit and work with you to design your new pool and outdoor oasis.

Pool Design

The pool design process begins by understanding your vision and goals for the project. How do you entertain? Who will use the space, and how often? Do you plan to swim a lot or mostly lounge? Will children be near or in your pool—and what about that spa for winding down? This helps us share what pool features will enhance your project and make it your own. Many of our clients like to add grottos, sun shelves, zero-entry, and infinity edges. We work within your budget to make your dreams a reality.

During the pool design process, we’ll create computer renderings that help you envision what the finished luxury pool will look like, and how you can complete the outdoor environment with complimentary plantings, patio/hardscape and structures like a pool house or pergola. You decide whether to take on the project all at once or in stages. We work both ways.

Pool Construction

pool construction in bedford NY

By following a pool construction plan with specific timelines, you always know where your pool project stands—what’s next and which specialists will be working on your property to make the pool design a reality. We outline start and stop dates, and we help you understand the construction process so you can appreciate the expertise that goes into creating a high-quality, long-lasting swimming pool for your Bedford, NY property.

There are many moving parts to the pool construction process. A dedicated account manager is your single point of contact so you can reach out at any time to check-in and ask questions. Construction involves tile and coping, filtration equipment and other mechanicals, along with a surrounding patio and plantings. Your pool is not just about the pool—it’s a complete outdoor living experience.

We only hire the best installation crewmembers, and our industry-certified team members focus only on pools. You can count on them to navigate any construction obstacles and work the plan as expected.

Pool Renovation

Do you wish your Bedford pool was more attractive? Does it function the way you want—are you tired of how you enter the pool and the way you use it? Does it look worn out or outdated? These are issues Neave Pools can solve.

Reasons to consider a pool renovation include:

  • Improved safety
  •  Better cost-efficiency
  •  Updates to accommodate a changing lifestyle

Neave Pools can provide a complete overhaul or suggest simple renovations to make your Bedford pool a more enjoyable place to swim, relax, entertain, and enjoy staycation time at home.

Some ways Bedford residents update their pools include:

  • Adding pool features like a sun deck, grotto, waterfall or pool house
  •  Updating the vinyl liner to extend the pool life
  • Changing out pool tile
  • Re-plastering a gunite/shotcrete pool
  • Overhauling the entire pool to create a brand-new space 

Pool Service

pool services in bedford NY

Extend the life of your Bedford, NY pool with professional pool service and regular maintenance visits. Did you know chemical imbalance is the leading cause of damage to the pool structure and mechanicals like the filter and heater? Neave Pools has Certified Pool Technicians on staff who perform a range of pool services based on your needs.

Neave Pools offers customized pool cleaning and maintenance programs. We are also here to answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Our pool services include:

  • Pool/spa opening and closing
  •  Filter cleaning and changing
  • Weekly pool cleaning
  • Diagnosing and treating water issues
  •  Repairs and upgrades of pool equipment
  • New pool equipment installation
  •  Vinyl liner replacement
  • Programming pool control technology
  • Detecting and fixing leaks
  •  Installing and adding chlorine alternatives

Build Your Bedford, NY Pool with Neave Pools

Neave Pools is the top pool design-build firm in Bedford, NY—ask us to see completed projects in your area. Enhance the beauty and increase the value of your Hudson Valley property. Share your ideas with us—and we’ll offer our expertise as an award-winning pool builder with accolades from Houzz, Pool & Spa News, Hudson Valley Magazine and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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