Turning an inconvenience in to your own, personal advantage is the idea behind storm water sustainable features. Water recycling is a popular choice for those that want to reduce their utility bills while turning a heavy downpour in to a positive experience. Beyond that, water recycling with Neave Storm Water can lead to a better Lower Impact Development (LID) rating which helps you protect your surrounding environment.

Neave Storm Water offers a variety of different sustainable storm water drainage solutions. The first is rain water harvesting systems which allow you to collect the rain that descends upon your property. You can use this water for any number of purposes you desire, and Neave Storm Water’s specialists can help you determine, design and implement a sustainable rain water harvesting system that will work perfectly for your desired ends.

dry creekWe also offer bioswales, which are also known as rain gardens. These are a popular choice on farms since they are more natural. Bioswales are a measure used to redirect rain water or flood water using a specific type of site grading. A shallow trench is filled with organic debris that serves as a filter, which cleans the run off before it re-enters the ground water while also pacing the water to prevent flooding.

There are an increasing number of options that will help you take advantage of mother nature’s bad moods. Bioswales and rain water harvesting systems are the most popular. If you have a particular idea in mind, the Neave Storm Water is the perfect eco-friendly partner! Our trusted team of trained engineers and technicians can implement a large range of environmentally friendly storm water solutions!

One of our major priorities with our sustainable storm water features is to achieve a high Low Impact Development rating. LID is an important planning strategy that can help you improve the quality of the local groundwater and hydrology, which helps maintain natural irrigation. Another major benefit of practicing LID is that it allows for storm water overflow control, which helps reduce erosion, protect the natural environment and preserve the surrounding ecology.

Contact us at Neave Storm Water to find out how we can provide you the very best in green minded drainage and storm water solutions!