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It seems we rarely remember the houses that are beautifully appointed for the holidays. No – we remember the garish displays, the crooked strings of Christmas lights, the army of gaudy inflatable characters in the lawn, the awkward blinking icicles.

You want your house to be remembered for all the right reasons. So why not consider hiring a professional Christmas decorator to do the work for you?

Perhaps our Christmas decor infographic will convince you to hire a professional this year.



#1: I go all out putting the Christmas decorations up, but I’m too lazy to take them down after the holiday.

Remember the neighbor whose house you’d watch incredulously as Valentine’s Day passed, then St. Patrick’s Day, then Easter…and the Christmas tree was still up in the front window?

…don’t be that guy.

#2: Christmas decorating sucks the joy out of the holidays.

Right! Why waste time freezing your butt off on a ladder when you could be inside enjoying some egg nog with your family or cleaning up at the white elephant gift exchange? Just saying.

#3: Putting away and storing all my Christmas decorations is a hassle.

It can be a hassle, and if you like to go all out on your Christmas décor, there may not even be room to store all that stuff! Professional Christmas decorators will take down your decorations and store everything in a way that’s organized, streamlined and compact.

#4: I have to replace something every year.

There’s always a bulb that goes dark, a wire that shorts out or a strand of lights that starts drooping. Eliminate that stress and simply put in a call to your Christmas décor professional when something goes awry.

#5: I’m too busy to maintain the decorations if something goes wrong.

It’s enough work just getting those decorations up, but the frustration of having to go in and fix it when you’ve already put in hours creating your display just isn’t worth it.

#6: I’m not a designer.

Professional Christmas decorators will make sure your lights are straight, your colors coordinate and your home is the envy of your neighbors.

#7: My neighbors don’t like my Christmas decorations – and I hear about it.

How rude! Wouldn’t it be nice to go from being a laughing stock on the block to the holiday envy of the neighborhood?

#8: My wife complains I’m more interested in the decorations than I am in her.

The holidays should be about friends and family, not working around the clock to get your decorations “just so.” Get your focus back to where it should be!

#9: It takes me too long to decorate for the short amount of time I get to enjoy it.

Day after snowy, freezing-cold day spent decorating…and only a couple of months’ enjoyment at the most? We hear that!

#10: It’s dangerous!

Decorating – inside and outdoors – can be dangerous. You’re dealing with electricity and heights and live trees…let someone else take all the necessary precautions for you.

#11: I’m accident prone – what if the tree goes up in flames like in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

Well, there’s a good chance you’ll never go as overboard as Clark Griswold, but it never hurts to trust professional Christmas decorators with the safety of your holiday décor.

#12: I’m not up on trends…I don’t know what’s cool.

Great news: We stay up on trends like it’s our job. Because it is. We do know what’s cool year in and year out. Just leave the cool up to us.

There at least 12 reasons to go with a professional Christmas decorator when getting your house ready for the holidays, and there are even more reasons to choose Neave Group Outdoor Solutions and our holiday decorating division to do it. Get in touch with one of our professional Christmas decorators to learn more about what we can do to turn your home into a winter wonderland! Give our New York office a call at (845) 463-0592 or our Connecticut office at (203) 212-4800.

neave holiday lighting tip sheet book

FREE Holiday Guide

Download our FREE Lighting & Decorating Guide to start decorating your house like a pro!

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