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backyard putting green new yorkFor many homeowners, an early Saturday morning tee time is the perfect way to unwind after a long, stressful week. But sometimes that stress can’t wait for the weekend — or maybe between pancake breakfasts, soccer practice and your social calendar, there’s just no room to work on your putt at the local course.

Why not create a little room for yourself right within your landscape? Backyard putting greens can bring the stress relief and fun of a day on the links to right outside your back door.

Questions From Customers

The Neave Sports team fields a lot of questions about backyard putting greens; here are just a few:

  • What sizes and shapes work best for a backyard putting green?
  • Are custom designs available?
  • Can I install a backyard putting green on hilly property?
  • How much fringe should go around the perimeter?
  • Can I install a sand trap?
  • How many cups should I install?
  • Can I add lights to my cups?
  • Where can I install my tee boxes?

The Great Debate: Natural or Artificial Putting Green?

Of course, every one of our expert designers at Neave Sports is well equipped to answer these questions and many more! The question we hear most often, though, is this: “Should I get a natural or artificial putting green?”

The answer, like many design conundrums we face with our clients, is entirely subjective. Natural putting greens can be incredibly lush and beautiful — and great for simulating the true golf experience.

Conversely, the biggest benefit of an artificial putting green is the low maintenance commitment. A natural green often requires daily attention to keep it looking great, but artificial putting greens need only monthly maintenance — or less.

Artificial putting greens can also be installed in places that natural turf can’t, like shady and rocky areas.

TourGreens Artificial Turf

If you do opt for an artificial putting green, there are types available now that beautifully simulate natural grass. Neave Sports customers love TourGreens, one of the leading artificial turf manufacturers in the industry, in part because their products have a natural look and feel but are also available in different game speeds for golfers’ varied skill levels and playing styles.

Artificial putting greens like TourGreens can also incorporate sand traps and chipping areas to allow for practicing other parts of your game.

Get Started

The Neave Sports team is ready to help you begin planning your backyard putting green today, long before you pull the clubs out of storage. Let us answer your burning questions and start designing the perfect mini golf escape.

Because Neave Sports is closely aligned with Neave Group’s landscaping division, we can incorporate your backyard putting green into the rest of your landscape seamlessly and beautifully.

We can even install a pergola, seating or entertainment area, and plantings to transform your backyard putting green area into a complete backyard retreat!

Get the ball rolling: Fill out our handy contact form to the right or call (845) 463-0592 to talk with a designer.

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