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So you’re considering a backyard putting green. The neighbors are already jealous! But a big decision awaits you: should you go with an artificial putting green or one made of natural grass?

It’s a perplexing question, and we’ve heard it many times while helping design backyard putting greens for Neave Sports customers.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of green to help you make the best decision for your short game.

Why Install A Backyard Putting Green?

If you’re a golfer, why not? You love to golf, but who has time to duck away to a golf course for 18 holes as often as they’d like?

If your kids are past the swing set and trampoline stage, you could carve out some prime putting space where they used to play.

And if your putting green is in your own backyard, heck, you can get your practice in while wearing your robe and slippers. Just think about the convenience — not to mention a prime chance to lower your handicap.

A Look At Natural Grass Putting Greens

There’s definitely an allure to natural grass greens. After all, that’s what real golf courses have. Nothing but acres of lush, rolling green grass, as far as the eye can see. It’s a thing of beauty, right?

Avid golfers swear by natural grass greens. Think about it: If that’s what you practice on at home, your transition to the greens on your favorite golf course will be seamless.

Natural greens are almost always grown using tightly sheared creeping bentgrass.

Bentgrass greens look most natural in yards, and they’re cheaper to install than artificial greens. But over the course of several years, maintenance can make a natural green more expensive than an artificial one.

Drawbacks To Natural Grass Putting Greens

You might spend more time maintaining your green than playing on it. Here’s why.

Daily Mowing

Bentgrass greens are typically kept trimmed to one-quarter of an inch or less. That means mowing just about every day. And your regular mower won’t, shall we say, cut it. You’ll need a professional, reel-type mower.

Smoothing Out The Bumps

The surface also requires occasional rolling to keep it smooth. That’s another equipment cost.

Water, Weed, Feed, Repeat

Your natural grass putting green will need regular watering, fertilizing, weed control, top dressing and more watering. Toss in vigilant pest and disease control and you’ve become almost a full-time groundskeeper.

Location, Location, Location

A natural grass green should be located in full sun for the best turf growth and performance. It needs air movement – trees and buildings in close proximity will block the wind. Avoid locating the green in a depression or low area prone to standing water. Water should drain off the green in more than one direction.

If you love caring for your lawn as much as you love playing golf, go for a natural green, and get two hobbies for the price of one.

A Look At Artificial Putting Greens

But if you’re more interested in golf than groundskeeping, an artificial or synthetic putting green might be the choice for you. Why?

Low Maintenance

Synthetic putting greens are more expensive to install up front, but they take a lot less work. Your main task: Keep the surface free of leaves and other blowing debris. That’s about it. No mowing, irrigation, fertilizing, rolling or pest control.

Year-Round Use

Artificial greens aren’t affected by extreme heat or cold, so you can get your putting in no matter the season.

Put It Anywhere

No worries about weather, light or water conditions with synthetic grass.

Similar Performance

Neave Sports uses synthetic putting greens made by Tour Greens, the best synthetic golf surface on the market. Tour Greens utilizes exclusive synthetic turf materials and a proprietary infill system that allows its greens to simulate the same characteristics of natural greens. Also, greens can be installed in a variety of game speeds to suit different playing styles.

Leave Backyard Putting Greens To Neave

Deciding between natural grass or artificial turf for your backyard putting green is up to you. Your Neave Sports contractor will outline all the options available and ensure you make the best possible choice.

Neave Sports can install your dream putting green, complete with chipping areas, bunkers or water features so you can practice the game you love without leaving your backyard.

We custom design each golfing green to perfectly accent your space.

And because we’re integrated with our sister divisions, like Neave Landscaping, we can offer full renovation packages. Consider a small clubhouse, beautiful stone walkways, or maybe a shaded pergola to relax under after you’ve perfected your bump-and-runs.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

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FREE Flex Court Athletics Buyer’s Guide

Download our FREE guide and make your backyard your ultimate playground!

Download Now