Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

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Adding a luxury swimming pool to your outdoor living space adds a resort element that makes a statement. Beyond the traditional rectangular pool — which is still the most popular shape — we’re seeing an uptick in dipping pools that fit into small spaces, multi-functional pools with features like swim jets, spillovers and grottos, and high-tech pool systems that include color-changing lights and these are some of the features you can include in your luxury swimming pool design.

Where to begin? If you’re planning a pool project, the extensive menu of options you can include can be overwhelming. What pool features will you really use? How will the pool design accommodate your lifestyle, whether the idea is to exercise, sunbathe, wade, or play? (Maybe you hope to do all of these things in your luxury swimming pool.)

Most of all, you want a luxury swimming pool that will last. It’s an investment that will increase your property value and your enjoyment at home. So while we love trendspotting, here are some tips for deciding which features suit your needs along with pool trends that are here to stay.


Minimalist pool with wooden deck concept image for luxury swimming pool design


Swimming Pool Planning Tips

When you sit down with a pool design and installation professional to talk about your project, the initial conversation will center on your wants and needs, your style, the location for the pool, and any special circumstances on your property, such as a slope or views you want to capture.

If you want a luxury swimming pool, the design process should be customized and installation seamless. From beginning to end, you want transparent and continuous communication with a go-to account manager who will quarterback the project. This way, you always know where your pool project stands based on the timeline.

Ready to prepare for the pool design/build process? Here are some steps you can take to make sure you get the pool features that suit your lifestyle.

Develop a pool design wish list. Search for inspiration so you can show pictures of pool designs and features you prefer. Houzz, Pinterest, and pool company galleries are great sources for luxury pool ideas. Also, prioritize those features. What is most important vs. a nice-to-have?

Explain how you’ll use the pool. A pool professional will ask you who will use the pool, and how you (and they) will use it. Are there young children in the household, or is this pool project for an empty nester, a second home, or a family retreat? Do you plan to exercise in the pool or enjoy a relaxing dip? Will you entertain often? This gives us a sense of the pool features that will work best for how you live, entertain, relax, and play.

Get a free consultation and site visit. A pool company should walk your property and thoroughly assess existing outdoor living features, any restrictions, and the surroundings. As the design process unfolds, you’ll also want a professional who handles all permitting and inspections. Ask lots of questions.

Understand the pool building process. It helps to know how the pool design and construction process works before you dive in. We like to explain this to clients in detail so clients can ask us questions and we understand their expectations. Curious to know how a luxury pool goes from idea to design to installation? Check out our free Swimming Pool Design Guide. It’s a helpful primer for any pool project.

Luxury Pool Trends for 2023

The swimming pool has been elevated to a “must” for a complete outdoor living area, and we’ve watched how the traditional 16 x 32-foot rectangle has shrunk down to smaller square cocktail pools and elongated into slim and sleek designs for some properties. We’re blending pools into the natural environment with rock grottos and cascading waterfalls. We’re integrating technology into pool systems and lighting to make operating the pool effortless — and exciting.

Right-Sized Pools – The Spool, Cocktail Pool and Plunge Pool

You don’t need a lap pool to exercise or a separate jacuzzi to enjoy therapeutic jets. Multifunctional pools that fit into tight spaces include the plunge pool which is usually 5½ to 7 feet deep and ranges in size from 6½ to 10 feet wide to 10 to 22 feet long. It’s large enough for exercise, and you can add swim jets that provide resistance to get a great workout in a small pool.

Spool pools usually measure 10 to 16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide, and they include jets so it functions as a spa — or a wading pool when the jets are off. Cocktail pools are also smaller in size and might include built-in stools and a bar area.


Plunge Pool


The Tanning Ledge – Soak In the Sun

You can literally soak in the sun with a tanning ledge, also referred to as a sun shelf, Baja shelf, or solarium. The ledge is usually a few inches deep and provides a place for lounge chairs. Chaise lounges can be built into the sun shelf as a permanent feature, and these are also multifunctional and great for little swimmers who aren’t ready to take the plunge or times when you want to dip your toes in the water without going all in.

A Natural Rock Grotto – Waterfall Included

A custom cave or rock formation in a lagoon-style pool blends with the surroundings yet offers a stand-out wow factor. We can incorporate cascading waterfalls into pool grottos that are fun for the kids to “shower” in and offer serene sounds for relaxing waterside in the evenings. Your pool grotto can also house an integrated spa.

The Infinity Edge – Multi-Tier Spillover Pools

Infinity edge pools are a longstanding, classic luxury feature that allows you to capture stunning views. They’re modern, clean-lined and complement a style of property. When all edges of a pool are “infinity” we call it a perimeter overflow pool. To accomplish the vanishing edge, water overflows and spills into an underground receptacle (gutter) and is then recirculated.

Another treatment for infinity pools that is trending is constructing multi-tier pools with spillovers. For example, your pool might consist of three square levels that overlap, each with a vanishing edge.

Healthy Swimming – Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pool systems allow you to use less chlorine because the salt chlorine generator converts diluted sodium chloride into chlorine gas in the filter. This reduces the chemicals required to keep saltwater pools balanced, making them lower maintenance. Plus, swimming in a saltwater pool is more comfortable for people with sensitive skin, and it’s easier on the eyes. The water feels smoother, and as long as salt levels are regulated, water typically stays balanced without much work.


Luxury pool with led lightings


LED Pool Lighting – Special Effects

Technology has advanced significantly in the pool automation department, and the lighting systems we’re installing in luxury swimming pools are LED, which are brighter and more energy efficient. We love the color-changing LED pool lighting you can control from a smartphone app. Set the mood for a quiet evening or lively celebration, or adjust the brightness.

Start Planning Your Luxury Pool Project

We have a gallery of pool inspiration for you and a helpful guide so you can gather more details on what to expect from the pool construction process when you partner with Neave Pools. Whether you’re considering a pool or ready to dive right in, we’d love to answer your questions. Let’s schedule a consultation.

Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

FREE Pool Design Guide

Download our FREE 25-page Swimming Pool Design Guide and create a perfect paradise in your backyard.

Download Now