Infinity pool edges can be added to a new or existing pool to create an edge that extends in to the horizon. These are known by a variety of names which include infinity edge, infinity pool edge, negative edge pool, zero edge pool and vanishing edge pool. Since they require an extensive amount of structural and mechanical engineering, choosing to work with Neave Pools on a project that incorporates infinity edges is the perfect first step.

Inifinity edge pool in an upper pool setting

You may have seen a picture of an infinity pool, or seen them at luxurious resorts as this particular pool feature is increasing dramatically in popularity. If you are looking for a particular feature that will make your pool stand out from the rest, infinity pool edges are a fantastic choice.

The origins of infinity pool edges is a mystery, with most assuming they began with fountain architecture in France during the 1600’s. Wherever they came from, infinity edges are certainly a welcome addition to any pool as they add an undeniable touch of class and uniqueness that will leave your family and friends in complete awe.

The beauty of an Infinity Edge Pool

The beauty of an infinity swimming pool is that you can create a stunning visual effect, particularly when the pool is surrounded by lush greenery and trees. The water appears to flow into an infinite horizon or body of water, creating the illusion of being one with nature. Furthermore, these pools are extremely low maintenance as they have fewer areas where debris can accumulate.

Additionally, Infinity Edge Pools can be custom designed to fit any space, adding a truly unique and luxurious feel to any backyard oasis. From lighting and waterfalls to other special swimming pool features, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to creating an Infinity Edge Pool that will bring your outdoor living space to life.

No matter the size or shape of your yard, you can find an Infinity Edge Pool that fits perfectly and complements your home. From small plunge pools to grandiose infinity pools, there is an option for everyone. With its stunning visual effect and low maintenance upkeep, vanishing edge pools will bring a unique touch of style and beauty your own backyard.

Is an infinity edge pool more expensive?

Yes, an infinity edge pool is more expensive than a traditional one because such a pool requires unique design and construction. The cost of an infinity edge pool installation varies depending on the size and complexity of the infinity pool design, but it typically costs several thousand dollars more than a regular pool.

The extra cost comes from the additional labor needed for the complex engineering involved in building an infinity edge pool and the extra materials used to create the unique water flows effect in the pool’s edge. However, many homeowners find that the beauty and elegance of an infinity edge pool more than make up for its higher price tag.

Your Neave Pools swimming pool contractor in NY and CT can advise you about infinity pool edges during the design phase of your new pool, or discuss as to if your existing pool can be modified to include one after surveying your property.

Contact us today to inquire about installing infinity edges on your existing or future pool!

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