Ponds offer a versatility like no other water feature available for landscaping. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and reading a novel by your very own garden paradise. Neave Aquatics offers a variety of backyard residential ponds, and commercial ponds, for different needs. Since we offer custom designs, your pond can be more formal, traditional or can even have a more natural look to it. The choice is yours!

Large Pond in front of a businessNeave Aquatics also makes ponds for commercial properties. These can be large reservoirs that assist with stormwater drainage while offering a peaceful place for customers and employees to gather. We are equipped to help you add ponds for the purposes of aesthetics and functionality. If you are a commercial property owner that wishes to inquire about fish ponds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Residential backyard ponds are becoming a very popular trend, and designing a custom pond will ensure that yours stands out from the rest. We can accent the pond with all types of masonry, stonework, plant life, lighting fixtures and water features that you desire to create the ideal oasis in your own backyard. Your residential backyard pond should reflect your delicate artistic landscaping sensibilities while serving as an ideal place to relax and collect your thoughts.

A small fish pond with waterfall

Most of our clients will have a backyard pond built with the hopes of having some form of plant life or fish living inside. Neave Aquatics trains their staff to be knowledgeable in all the aspects regarding aquatic life health. This includes researching aquatic plant life needs and staying up-to-date on relevant information regarding the health and cleanliness of fish ponds. We happily pass this information on to our clients so that they can maintain aquatic life in their backyard ponds. It is this type of expertise that makes us the industry leader in backyard water features.

Neave Aquatics can offer you a variety of different ponds that are perfect for commercial property, backyard or residential use. Since we custom design our ponds to fit your lifestyle and home, there is virtually no limit to the type of ponds we can construct. Imagine having a quiet retreat in the corner of your backyard, or a beautifully designed fish pond as the centerpiece of your outdoor space. The possibilities are endless.

These are a few examples of the types of ponds we can provide for you. Click on the links to find out more!


Fish Ponds
Fish ponds offer a simple, yet elegant way to add vibrance to your backyard space. They can be designed to house any number of fish, though there are some limitations depending on the area you live in. Believe it or not, fish ponds are also an excellent insect and pest control method!
Koi Ponds
There is nothing more elegant in the world of ponds than a koi pond. We pride ourselves on designing sustainable environments for koi that will allow them to flourish with a happy life. Our staff can also offer tips and resources that will allow your koi to reach their fullest potential.
Water Gardens
Designed to inhabit specific aquatic plant life such as the lotus, iris and water lily, water gardens can be an excellent way to improve the appeal of your backyard space.

Contact Neave Aquatics today to learn more about our backyard ponds and commercial ponds. You can also email us to schedule a visit so we can survey your property and get started on your custom pond designs!