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We get a lot of questions from pool owners about pool automation. What’s available? Would it really make my life easier? Should I take the plunge on even more pool equipment?

Swimming pool automation has become more and more sophisticated over the years, and it really can take the hassle out of operating and maintaining your pool. We see it happen all the time.

With swimming pool automation, many of your pesky pool needs will be taken care of automatically. Automation and control systems for pools control everything from sanitizing to heating to turning on lights and water features.

Want to fire up the spa on your drive home from work? Just push a button. It’s like putting your pool on cruise control. Here’s a look at five benefits of pool automation systems:

Swimming Pool Automation Saves You Time

Daily pool maintenance can be time-consuming. The various components that keep your pool water filtered, clean and at the right temperature all need to be regulated. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time in the pool?

Imagine having pool lighting that mixes and matches combinations of LED lights to create a vibrant spectrum of colors in your pool. These combinations are automatically sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different sequences of color. It’s like having a theme park in your backyard.

Pool automation can open and close your pool covers. And robotic automatic pool cleaners are like handy little robots that make the rounds of your pool until all the debris has been filtered out. Robotic pool cleaners scrub, clean and vacuum as they automatically navigate your pool, so they’re a great time saver.

Swimming pool robot cleaners use microchip technology to learn the size and shape of your pool’s footprint to create an efficient cleaning routine. Plus, their self-contained filtration eases wear and tear on your pool pump and filter.

Automation Systems Save You Money

Automated pool systems are set to make adjustments when needed to run more efficiently than when you control them manually. If you’re not running your heat pump around the clock, your bill will be lower, much the way a programmable home thermostat saves you money on your energy bill.

It’s common to leave your various pool systems — heating, filters, lighting — on more often than needed. Have you ever cranked up your pool heater, and then forgot to turn it down? Automation systems leave them on only as long as necessary.

They can also prevent chemical balancing systems from overcorrecting imbalances. Automated pool chemical balancers minimize your chemical costs by adding chemicals with precision to maintain chemical levels with zero waste.

Pool Water Balance Provides Precise Monitoring

Balancing your pool water is a delicate art. Understanding it can be tricky, from assessing the levels to remedying any fluctuations.

An inground pool automation system will analyze your pool water, figure out the proper levels of chemicals to inject, then disperse just the right amounts of disinfectants and pH adjusters based on what the water needs. No fuss, no muss.

Keeps Your Water Safe With an Automated Pool Cleaner

The pH of pool water can move up and down quite a bit within just a few hours. And pH affects all the other elements of water quality. If the pH drifts too high, the pool’s chlorine loses nearly all of its sanitizing ability.

Algae, bacteria, and viruses make their way into the pool water and thrive. An automation system provides constant pH control. That means a cleaner, safer pool.

Pool Automation Gives You Complete Control

Automation lets you make your pool environment just the way you like it. Set your system to automatically adjust your pool temperature throughout the day. Set it up for cleaning. Program it to turn on lights, jets, or other features in your pool.

You could even get a state-of-the-art computer system that will fully automate all processes for you. All you have to worry about is which swimsuit to wear.

Gadget junkie? You can operate everything from a single remote control — or even your smartphone or other mobile devices. Turn on your bubbling spa remotely before you hop in the car and drive home from work. More pool time for you.

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Neave Pools can set you up with a swimming pool automation system that will make pool ownership a breeze.

As useful as a pool automation system is, it can’t replace a skilled pool professional. Even if you have an automation system installed, you’ll want to work with the professionals at Neave to make sure your pool continues to run smoothly.

We offer pool maintenance services that can be booked individually or as part of a comprehensive pool maintenance schedule to keep your pool up and running throughout the season so that you can enjoy it, stress-free.

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Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

FREE Pool Design Guide

Download our FREE 25-page Swimming Pool Design Guide and create a perfect paradise in your backyard.

Download Now