Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

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Centered view of pool with bird baths and small water fountainYou’re ready to pull the trigger on a luxury swimming pool—because if we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that there’s no place like home. Why not make your property a personal destination for relaxing, entertaining, and of course, swimming?

Now the question is, how fast can you get a pool built in your backyard?

You know a custom, quality pool does not come to fruition overnight. But are you looking at six weeks of construction or several months? What’s the timeline for designing and building the pool of your dreams?

We’re going to tackle this question upfront because it’s one that many clients ask when they select Neave Pools as a trusted pool contractor in New York and Connecticut.

If you’re eager to get a pool built for the coming season and want answers on how long the process can take, read on.

The Disclaimer—Pool Construction Timelines Depend on the Design 

Angled view of yellow and blue house with outdoor swimming poolIf your goal is to have a vinyl-liner pool in your backyard that is basically built from a template, you’ll be in the water a lot faster than if you are investing in a custom-designed pool and spa with luxury features like a sun shelf, infinity edge or natural stone pool grotto. For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume you want a pool that looks like one of those featured in our gallery, or similar to it.

These are professionally-designed swimming pools that are constructed by craftspeople, specialists including plumbers and masons, and can include extensive surrounding landscaping to achieve a true outdoor living room.

But even within this luxury scope of work, there are pool installation timeline variances depending on your property’s topography, the pool design and materials you select.

Including design and installation, in general, a luxury swimming pool takes 6 to 8 weeks for a fiberglass pool, 8 to 10 week for a vinyl pool and 10 to 12 weeks for a gunite pool.

Pool Construction Timeline—What to Expect 

When we provide an estimated timeline for building a pool, we like to explain the pool construction process so you understand what steps are necessary to achieve quality.

  • Permitting: Assuming the swimming pool design process is complete, the next step is to gain approval from municipal departments. We provide governing entities with the design along with variances and other required information they need to provide a permit. We can’t break ground until the permit is obtained.
  • Excavation and grading: Prepping your property for plumbing and pool framing requires excavation of the area where we’ll build the pool, patio and surrounding landscaping. We’ll bring in equipment to clear the land and grade it, basically creating a canvas for your pool.
  • Plumbing and framing: There’s a lot of infrastructure that you don’t see in a pool that is essential for operating it. These “guts” must be installed before we get to the gunite (concrete).
  • Installing the gunite shell: If you’re choosing a long-lasting gunite concrete pool, this requires a shell before masonry work can be accomplished. The plaster will come later.
  • Decking and more: Next, a masonry crew will install pool decking and there are a range of materials you can select, including smooth aggregates with a natural appeal and slip-resistant paver patios. The “more” part of this process includes tile and coping that finish off a pool and blend in surrounding features like sun shelves.
  • Pumping and filtration equipment: We’re not done with the pool infrastructure just yet. The plumbing has been placed, and once the pool is built and tile/coping put in place, we install filtration and a pool pumping system. This can include components for saltwater sanitization, chemical balancing, automation and cleaning.
  • Landscaping and fencing: Next, we focus on the pool surround and creating your outdoor living room. The timeframe for this depends on how intricate the design is. You might also be phasing in this aspect of the project, opting for a patio and basic landscaping now with plans for an outdoor kitchen or fire pit down the road.
  • Plastering the pool or installing a vinyl liner:  Now, it’s time to plaster the pool if you are installing a gunite pool. It needs time to cure before we can fill it with water.  Or, if you have a vinyl pool the liner will be installed.
  • Getting final inspections: We’ll make sure the water is healthy and chemically balanced, and your pool will require inspection to assure that it adheres to the approved plan that was permitted by your municipality.

Staying On Track During the Pool Building Process 

Aerial view of pool with green seating sun umbrellas, and fireplaceWith so many steps involved in building a luxury pool, you’re bound to have delays. Some aspects of construction might move ahead of schedule, while other processes like plastering the pool and waiting for it to cure can take longer than we expect. In some cases, weather can create delays. Flexibility is important. We always like to establish realistic expectations for how long building a pool takes. We know you can’t wait to jump in!

But, rushing through construction can result in costly repairs down the road. You want the job done right. So our advice is to have an honest conversation with your pool builder about the construction timeline. Request ongoing communication so you are aware of any bottlenecks in the process or delays, which can happen because shipping materials is taking longer.

Ready to Build a Pool?

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Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

FREE Pool Design Guide

Download our FREE 25-page Swimming Pool Design Guide and create a perfect paradise in your backyard.

Download Now