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Swimming Pool Water Park
Scott Neave, Jeremy Speck and kids at Splashdown Beach waterpark on the Bob the Builder ride.

Ah, the dog days of summer are just around the corner. The kids will probably be clamoring for some cool, wet relief beyond the sprinkler lazily waving back and forth in the front yard.

If you’re in our neck of the woods, there’s a pretty good chance they’re begging you to drive them to one of our nearby public pools or water parks, like SplashDown Beach in Fishkill. (Did you know the pros at Neave Pools actually helped design and install the Bob the Builder Splash Works attraction at SplashDown? Slides. Geysers. Dumping Buckets. Yeah…we did that.)

But done right, a family day at the water park can get expensive. Hundreds of dollars expensive really, really quickly. Take it from the parents on staff at Neave!

Here’s the good news: You can invest a bit of money now into your own outdoor living space. A space that actually adds value to your property and will eventually pay for itself in all of the trips you save to the water park. Need a hint? Your own backyard swimming pool!

Kid Swimming Pool Feature #1: Pool Water Slides

It’s a rule of childhood: The only thing better than jumping into the outdoor pool on a hot summer day is flying into it at breakneck speed. Kids love slides, and they’re super easy to add to a backyard family pool.

You’ll need a pool deck or patio big enough to fit a slide on, and water supply to prevent painful skids (ouch!), but overall, slides are very simple to plan for and install. It’s an easy way to provide endless family fun for kiddos in your swimming pool!

Kid Swimming Pool Feature #2: Water Features

You may not be able to add the sheer number of water features that our Bob the Builder attraction offers, but waterfalls, laminar jets, fountains and other water features are a snap to incorporate into your swimming pool design. Kids love to play among shooting arcs of moving water.

An added bonus: water features look beautiful and even add a dimension of relaxing sound to your outdoor living space. So you can enjoy them even when you and the family aren’t hanging out in the pool!

Kid Swimming Pool Feature #3: Beach Entry Pools

Who wants to plunk into the water using the stairs, especially when you could glide gracefully into the water with a beach entry? Beach entries are also a great swimming pool safety feature for families with small children.

The beach entry is exactly what it sounds like: a precision-graded deck that eases into a ramp or smoother steps that make it easier to wade into the pool instead of jumping in all at once.

Whether you want to add real sand or blend your beach entry with the rest of your swimming pool’s surface, you can design it to fit your needs. Similar to a beach entry pool, a wading pool area is the perfect add-on for splashing and water play that even the youngest ones in the family can enjoy.

Kid Swimming Pool Feature #4: Adult Swim Pool Additions

And, of course, every kiddie water park has a little oasis for “adult swim.” How about a sun shelf for cooling down? Or if you’re really dreaming big even a swim-up self-serve bar for enjoying some grown-up libations while the kids frolic?

Hey, the kids can’t have all the fun.

Start Designing Your Swimming Pool Today!

Ready to get started on a pool that the whole family can enjoy?

Give Neave Pool’s Designers a call at 845-463-0592 to start planning your new kid-friendly pool.

Your kids will be the talk of their school once the others find out they’ve got a new swimming pool unlike any other in the backyard. They’ll never miss the water park — though you might want to take a cue from SplashDown and start charging admission!


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