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Outdoor kitchen next to swimming poolRemodeling your pool can be a daunting process that ranges from simple upgrades or water feature replacements to major enlargement or pool renovation jobs. Remove the sting of swimming pool remodeling worry by using this guide to learn more about the types of updates your pool may need and what to expect from your upcoming dream pool makeover from planning through completion.

When you entrust your existing swimming pool to our pool contractor co., we’ll be by your side through the whole pool remodeling process, ready to bring your vision to life while addressing any concerns you may have.

A Swimming Pool Remodeling Project That Needs Immediate Attention

Some pool renovations must be addressed no matter when they occur during the warm summer days — or even after your swimming pool is officially closed for the cold months. These urgent renovations include:

Pool remodeling for leaks

When your swimming pool begins to lose water, it’s extremely important to identify the location and nature of the leak as soon as possible. Leaks left unaddressed can lead to very costly repairs or damage for pool owners.

A small leak may end up becoming one that spans several feet and can compromise the safety and structural integrity of your swimming pool. Corrosion can occur in pipes if the leak affects plumbing that is connected to your swimming pool. Excess water can create muddy areas in the nearby ground creating slipping hazards and breeding grounds for insects. At the first sign of a leak, give us a call.

Major tile and coping

While a chipped tile or two is no call to panic, a larger swath of lost tiles or coping must be investigated quickly to find and address the underlying reason for the damage. You could have sprung a hidden leak, suffered damage due to Mother Nature or be dealing with materials that are aged or weren’t quite up to par upon installation.

A malfunctioning filter, maintenance, or cleaning system

Your pool’s upkeep is no small job, and during the summer months, your filter, maintenance, and cleaning system undergo a lot of wear and tear to keep your swimming pool ready for swimmers. When one component of these systems — or the whole system — fails, you need immediate attention to ensure that your swimming pool doesn’t fall prey to invaders like algae, contaminants or debris. Maintaining your cleaning system will also make sure your system is energy efficient.

Remodeling Your Pool For Usability and Enjoyment

Luxurious spa and pool with lounge area in backyardOther pool remodeling projects may not be as urgent to address but are still important to undertake so your new pool features can maintain utmost efficiency, remain ready for swimmers, and not drain your wallet in the process. Consider some of these projects to improve both usability and enjoyment.

Pool surface refinishing

Tired of scraping your feet against the ever-roughening floor of your gunite swimming pool? Or is your pool’s surface starting to show missing patches or extreme staining? Over time, your old pool materials can break down or be worn down by the chemicals necessary to treat your water. It’s time to call a pool contractor now.

To schedule this major pool remodel project, you’ll need to find a time when you can close your swimming pool for a while, allowing adequate time for draining, drying, the application of new materials, curing, and ultimately refilling and re-balancing your chemicals. The great news is that after this pool remodeling project is complete, you’ll be left with a pool that looks brand new.

Replacing and remodeling your pool vinyl liner

If your in-ground pool features a vinyl pool liner, you may not realize that its estimated lifespan is not much more than a decade. Vinyl liners can wear out even faster depending on how well they’re maintained or what additional stressors they face. Like swimming pool resurfacing, replacing swimming pool liner can leave you with an older pool that looks brand new again after just a few days’ work.

Upgrading filtration or chemical maintenance systems

Upgrading your pump filtration system or transitioning your swimming pool from chlorine to saltwater can be game changers in how well your pool functions and how costly it is to maintain.

Looking for pool companies and hiring the best that can install a more efficient pump can lead to better-filtered water while saving you major money in energy efficiency. Likewise, saltwater pool systems can take away the hassle of tricky chemical balancing while providing a more enjoyable environment than traditional chlorine swimming pools.

Pool Renovation to Enhance Beauty and Appeal

Before and after pool liner replacement

A final subset of pool renovation is more aesthetic in nature. These pool remodeling projects can give your whole backyard a much-needed makeover and create even more appeal for family and friends taking advantage of your pool’s new features. Here are some pool remodel projects you might consider..

Swimming pool enlargement

Unsatisfied with the size of your current pool because it’s out of place in your yard or simply isn’t large enough to accommodate your household? A pool enlargement can expand your existing pool to the right dimensions for your needs and would let you add some other water features such as a water fall or a cave.

Be prepared, however, for your pool to be off-limits as this pool remodeling project takes time; enlarging a swimming pool can be just as major an undertaking as installing one brand new and can provide major disruptions to your backyard space. This pool remodel project is best scheduled when you won’t mind your swimming pool area being off-limits for at least several weeks.

A new or upgraded pool deck that surrounds

Enjoyment of your custom pool area doesn’t have to end when you leave the water. Take a look around your pool: what is that area like now? Does it get utilized, or is it just a means of getting you in and out of your pool?

You can do pool construction and optimize the use of this area by installing new concrete, pool tile, natural stone or treated wood decking to ensure you have space for tables and chairs, loungers, areas to lie in the sun and places for children to safely play.

These pool renovations can also be time-consuming, as pool equipment and materials need adequate time for installation and curing, and while work isn’t on the pool itself, access may be partially or totally limited during the pool remodel project.

Landscaping, shade structures, and pool covers

Some of the biggest ROI in pool remodeling structures and features can come from the easiest pool renovation projects to undertake such as a slide or diving board. Outdoor pool structures and swimming pool features will help tie your pool into the backyard area.

An outdoor shade structure can help protect swimmers and sunbathers from the harsh sun without limiting pool and deck use. Other additions in your outdoor living space may include a swim up bar for further refreshment during the hot summer, spa area, water features such as laminer jets or a fireplace.

And an in ground pool cover can provide added measures of safety and security in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Best of all, these pool remodel projects are far less time consuming than most other pool owner projects, so you can enjoy the benefits right away.

Get Started on a New Look Now With the Help From Our Pool Company

Neave Pools is one of the trusted swimming pool companies in the greater Hudson Valley 845-463-0592, Westchester 914-271-7996 and Connecticut 203-212-4800 areas. Our highly trained and certified swimming pool builders are ready to start work with you today to design the new inground pool of your dreams. You can begin with our 25-page pool design guide, give us a call or fill out our contact form to get your pool service plan started today.


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