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They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does fall from the sky.

Every time it rains, Mother Nature gives us free water. We just have to collect it, store it, then use it.

Rainwater harvesting reduces your water bill and reduces the damage to our creeks, water habitats and organisms caused by storm water runoff.

But once you have it, how can you put it to work?

Here are a few ideas on how to use harvested rainwater in your New York or Connecticut landscape.

Rainwater Use #1: Water The Garden

This is the water your garden loves best. Sure, it will drink the stuff that comes from the hose, but rain water is a plant’s favorite, just how nature intended.

Besides being natural, rainwater is soft, and in most areas, pH neutral to slightly acidic, which makes it a good option for watering your flowers and plants. Tap water has added chemicals that make it safe for drinking, so rainwater is actually a better choice for outdoor watering needs.

Rainwater Use #2: Wash The Car

Yes, it’s nice to support those high school kids raising money by hosting a car wash on the corner.

But using collected rainwater to wash your car in your driveway is free, free, free.

Rainwater Use #3: Toilet Flushing

We’re not kidding. You can hook up a rain barrel to your home toilet system, saving money by using the free water.

Rainwater Use #4: Spray The Deck Or Patio

This might not seem like a big-time use, but the average American household uses 30 percent of its total water for outdoor uses like this.

Rainwater Use #5: Clean The House

Mopping the floor and washing windows is drudgery enough — why pay for the water to do it? Harvested rainwater is a perfect way to save money on these chores.

But How To Harvest It?

At Neave Storm Water, we specialize in rain water harvesting systems, rain gardens and other storm water management systems that can help you benefit from the rain.

Free water? Cool. But a rain water harvesting system also keeps storm water from damaging your property: That’s an added bonus.

Flooding, ground water swelling and environmental erosion are all major drainage problems that can lead to massive repair bills. When we build our rain water harvesting systems, we not only ensure that they maximize collection, but also properly address any drainage issues your property has.

It’s no use saving tons of money on your water bill every month if you just have to use those savings to fix a flood in your basement.

On top of that, collecting rain water in tanks and rain barrels circumvents the need for storm water basins or other reservoirs that are typically above ground on your property.

What does a rainwater harvesting system look like? It depends on your unique situation. But the components can include roofing alterations, gutters, water storage, filtration systems, rain barrels, surge and pump tanks, and flush diverters.

A Neave Storm Water technician will assess your site and explain all about the different options, to create the perfect system for you.

Ready to learn more? Contact us at Neave Storm Water to find out if your property is capable of rain water harvesting.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

You might actually start hoping for rain.

Image credits: Rainwater on leaf, rain barrel

landscape planning guide neave group cover

FREE Landscape Planning Guide

Download our FREE Landscape Planning Guide and start planning the landscape of your dreams!

Download Now