If you’re looking for the perfect way to accent your pristinely planned outdoor space, container gardens are an excellent choice. By strategically placing potted plants, we create visually appealing spaces that tie together your indoor and outdoor style. Container gardens can add color and beauty to an otherwise plain area on your property.

Aside from their visual appeal, the beauty of container gardens is that they can be placed virtually anywhere on your property. Place a potted plant near an entryway to create a warm welcome for your guests. Imagine your beautifully finished patio decorated with gorgeous planters to create a relaxing and inviting outdoor living area. Container gardens are a great way to fill up and add color to any bare areas in your outdoor space.

The choice of plants is completely up to you. Choose from a wide range flowers that can be arranged in any manner that you’d like. Some plants require more maintenance than others, but for those of you who have a green thumb, this is a welcome distraction. In the event that you’d prefer to leave maintenance to the professionals, you can enlist the help of our friends at Neave Group – Landscape Management to design a specific care plan for all the plant life on your property. Container gardens are exceptionally easy to replace during the growing season and between seasons as well!

Not sure where to start? We can help. Our experts will examine your property and recommend plants that are suited to your outdoor space. It’s best to consider your container garden options after you’ve completed any other landscaping renovations. Think of them as the “cherry on top” of your beautifully crafted outdoor space.

Contact us today to accent your yard, patio, deck, or pool area with an eye-catching container garden from Neave Landscaping.