Spruce up your outdoor area with the perfect plant life for your yard. Neave Landscaping’s planting service combines consultation and installation to give your backyard a beautiful balance of aesthetics and functionality.

new plants added to NY backyardThe process begins with a visit from a member of our team. This team member will serve as your project manager and will survey your property, listen to your ideas and present a wide assortment of plant life for you to choose from. You and your project manager will work together to bring your vision to life!

Choosing the Best Foundation Plantings

Working with Neave Landscaping professionals means that you’ll get expert advice during the planning phase. Certain plants are better suited to resisting specific pests in your area. Selecting the right type of flowers, trees, and shrubs for your space will not only give you the visual look you’re hoping to achieve but will also alleviate worries about unwanted infestations and cut down on maintenance costs.

beautiful plantings added to back patioPlants need to be watered regularly, which is why you should consider enlisting the help of our friends at Neave Irrigation. They’ll inspect your property and install the perfect sprinkler system to help your plantings thrive and blossom in good health. Your Neave Landscaping expert will serve as the lead for any coordination efforts done between divisions. This streamlines workflow by providing you with one contact who serves as your go-to for questions, concerns, and planning.

On-Going Plantings Maintenance

After your plantings are fully installed, they’ll require routine care. You can schedule a plan of care with our friends at Neave Group – Landscape Management. Garden maintenance can be completed according to an ongoing plan or on a per-visit basis. To keep costs affordable, you’ll only pay for the care your plants require.

Contact Neave Landscaping discuss gorgeous plantings for your outdoor space today!
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