We happily offer seasonal color programs so that you have a garden for every season. Annuals are specific flowers that have a lifespan that generally last a few months. They allow you to have four completely different garden aesthetics that are appropriate for the season, and our trained staff will perform all the planting, care and removal necessary to provide you with a beautiful seasonal garden.

By scheduling a four season rotation program, we can ensure that your lawn remains stunning all year long. Each seasonal garden will have a different ambiance than the last, and your backyard will take on a look that changes just as the seasons do. Contact us at Neave Landscaping to find out more about our seasonal color programs and get started on designing your very own seasonal garden rotation program!

Summer Garden

Some flower beds react much better to the high temperatures and low rainfall that occur during the summer, while also offering more vibrant and bright colors. You can select which types of flowers you’d prefer for your summer garden so that your garden reflects the cheerfulness of the season.


Spring Garden

A spring garden will have flowers that react well to more rainfall and slightly colder temperatures. These flower beds are also naturally accented with beautiful spring colors so that they can celebrate the warmer months and put the winter behind you for. Our lawncare specialists can even plant your spring garden for you during the spring clean up and get you ahead of the curve so that your lawn is already blooming beautifully while everyone in the neighborhood looks on with envy at your elegant spring garden.


Fall Garden

Fall gardens present a special challenge for the home owner. Not only do you want plants that will thrive in the cooler temperatures of the season, but you’ll also want to begin preparing your garden for next year! We do this be embedding seeds and bulbs in to the soil that will slowly grow and blossom when spring comes the following year. In the meantime, bask in the warm fall colors of your fall garden. Don’t worry, we have regular lawn maintenance services to clean up all those fallen leaves and debris that occur at this time of year to keep your backyard beautiful.


Winter Garden

We can plant hearty flower beds that can decorate your lawn in the frigid months of winter. These plants tend to grow slower since there is not as much sunlight available during this season. However, one of the benefits of a winter garden is that we use flowers that lie dormant when the temperature drops and snow falls. When the sun comes out, they will grow, and then fall dormant again. The lower temperatures of winter can often preserve your winter garden while achieving an aesthetic appeal that you never thought possible.