Trees and shrubs are wonderful additions to your landscape, but they can unfortunately also harbor harmful critters, which is why you need the best insect and pest control available in your area. Neave Lawn Care has over forty years of experience in plant health care, and our arborists can quickly identify your problem while working tirelessly to eliminate your insect and pest problems. An uncontained insect and pest problem can spread throughout your garden and property if left unchecked, which can lead to higher control costs while ruining the outdoor aesthetic you were hoping for in the first place.

A heavily infested maple tree with many exit holes.Avoid the dreaded costs of expensive tree and shrub replacements by working with Neave Lawn Care! Whether you have aphids, longhorn beetles or any other variety of pest endangering the livelihood of your trees and shrubs, our arborists and professional pest control technicians can safely help control the problem. In many cases we are able to eliminate the problem entirely!

Neave Lawn Care uses an integrated approach when customizing your insect and pest control programs. There is no “quick fix” or “one spray kills all” formula for all insects and pests. We will act quickly to eliminate the problem at its source using a combination of all-natural, organic and reduced-risk methods. Before administering any treatment we make sure to consult with our clients so that we can match their preferences as closely as possible.

We like to develop long standing, working relationships with our clients. This allows us to get to know them better while also familiarizing ourselves with their landscaping and plant health care needs. With our regularly schedule monitoring visits available, we are able to proactively catch any insect and pest problems your property may have.

Contact Neave Lawn Care today to schedule your free consultation and site analysis! If you have an insect or pest control problem that needs immediate attention, don’t hesitate! Our integrated pest management services will ensure that your plant’s health is maintained to the highest levels with the kind of attention and care that they deserve.

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