While most people will consider mowing, fertilizing and overseeding for their lawn care, they’ll often overlook lawn aeration. Over time soil and the underlying thatch of your lawn can become compacted which can seriously affect your lawn’s ability to thrive. Without proper aeration, lawns will have trouble growing and delivering the water and nutrients required for proper growth. Neave Lawn Care can help your lawn by regularly examining your soil to see if it is required. We have the tools, the professional staff, and the know-how to properly perform this task for our clients.

Why Do Lawn Aeration?

core-lawn-aerationSoil will become compacted due to gravity and a host of other factors. The compacted soil reduces the pore space and breathability of your soil, which causes substantial problems for your turf. If left untreated, the roots of your grass won’t be able to absorb nutrients or water from the soil and this can cause your lawn to slowly – but surely – expire unexpectedly.

Since our Neave Lawn Care specialists take the time to analyze and inspect your soil quality each time they visit, they’ll know when it’s time to aerate your lawn. This is usually best performed in the summer or early fall depending on your area. Lawn aeration will improve the flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients through the soil. It will also encourage grass to grow roots deeper into the ground which improves their ability to last through the winter and survive abrupt climate changes like storms and droughts.

Aeration for Large Properties

Lawn aeration can be a laborious task, especially if you have larger properties. Neave Lawn Care has the professional staff and cutting-edge tools that allow your turf to receive fast, efficient and perfect care. Don’t take a chance when it comes to the health of your lawn. Sometimes the worst problems can lay deep in the soil undetected to the untrained eye. Your backyard will be noticeably healthier and have stronger turf.

Contact Neave Lawn Care to see if you require a lawn aeration by enjoying a free lawn analysis from one of our specialists!

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