One of the main reasons that someone will contact a plant health care expert is because they’re concerned about the health of a tree or shrub. Discoloration, shedding bark or leaves falling are all signs that something may be wrong. Minor problems can usually be fixed quickly, but if they go undetected then the plant’s health becomes endangered. If the problem is too far gone, the tree will have to be removed and replaced at a much greater cost.

Plant-Tree-ServicesThe solution is to be proactive! Neave Lawn Care employs a team of highly skilled, talented and devoted arborists that specialize in plant health care. We are committed to monitoring the health of your trees, using preventive treatments and working with our valued customers.

We combine our plant and tree health care because of the simple fact that these organisms usually share the same soil. The health of the trees, surrounding plants, flowers and shrubs are all dependent on the quality of the soil that they all draw nutrients from. Treatment for one problem – such as weed control – could lead to other problems. The only way to properly service the property as a whole it to treat it as such.

That’s why Neave Lawn Care takes a holistic approach to plant and tree health care. We understand that you have made a significant, long-term investment in your outdoor aesthetic and that you want to ensure that your outdoor plant life remains as healthy and luscious as possible. Using our vast range of industry-leading tree service practices, you can ensure a healthy existence for your plants and trees. This creates a vibrant outdoor aesthetic on your property in turn.

Our Neave Lawn Care PHC programs are tailored and personalized for each client. This is because every property and client we have has a different set of conditions. Some areas receive more sun, or less rain. Plants and trees can come in a wide range of different varieties that all behave differently depending on the surrounding environment. We ensure that the PHC program addresses every possible tree service you could need so that you don’t have to worry.

Our PHC programs can include the following types of tree services:

At Neave Lawn Care we want you to rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our arborists and PHC specialists receive training that exceeds the industry standard and Neave Lawn Care has over forty years of direct experience. In short, we know how to recognize problems, assess solutions and apply them. It is our intention to build a solid working relationship with our customers so that we can make recommendations and perform practices that the customer would prefer. This is your property and you should have the final say on how it is treated.

To get started with Neave Lawn Care all you have to do is contact us to schedule your free site assessment. A plant health care specialist will visit your property, listen to any concerns you may have while surveying your plants and trees for any potential issues. Afterwards, you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy an open conversation so we can create a suitable action plan together. Contact Neave Lawn Care to schedule your free consultation and discover the care and quality that we can provide you with our tree services. 68ddafd0 fd67 428f 91eb aa588aeeb405