Performing a rigorous site soil analysis allows you to achieve a greater understanding of the earth you are planting your organic plant life in to. This specialized service is ideal when your plant health isn’t up to par and there are no other obvious factors affecting your landscape. Contaminants, metals and other minerals can change the acidity and nutrient balance of your soil, making it different for life to thrive.

Neave Lawn Care can help you understand exactly what’s in your soil. We’ll test nutrient levels to ensure that your plant life has everything it needs to survive. If we discover that metals and other additives have wormed their way in to your soil, we will return to the site to see how this happened so we can alleviate the problem. Like many things on your property, plant health is built from the ground up and that’s why having healthy, nutritious and pollutant-free soil is key to maximizing the growth potential of your property.

Clients are free to request a site soil analysis whenever they require one. During your regularly schedule monitoring visits, we might also suggest a site soil analysis if there are issues affecting your plant health that are not immediately obvious. This is an excellent service in the early spring and fall since it allows you time to restore your soil’s quality to normal if there are any issues, priming your property for a successful growing season!

If you feel like you need a professional site soil analysis performed, or would simply like some more information, contact Neave Lawn Care today! We can schedule a free consultation with you to introduce ourselves, explain our incredible, professional services and prepare your plants for a healthy existence! Contact Neave Lawn Care today to discover more about our site soil analysis, and other fantastic specialized features!